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POLL: Which Roster is Better? Pictures and details included

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User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#41
I'm glad I tied it up hahaha.

Tom Nook and Lyn don't make a little bit of sense so no to Roster 1.

User Info: MonadAlvis

4 years ago#42
Wow, voted roster 1. It was a 50-50 tie at 31 each. o.O
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User Info: _Super_Shadow_

4 years ago#43
Wow, when I last saw this, Roster 2 was winning by around 10 votes o_0
Ridley, Tom Nook, Lip, Paper Mario, Megaman, Lloyd Irving, and Agumon for Smash

User Info: _Super_Shadow_

4 years ago#44
Awesomely Awesome AJ posted...
I chose Roster 1 because it felt more realistic. Granted I don't know why everybody is forgetting that the most likely Namco rep will be Pac-Man. I mean it makes perfect damn sense to include Pac-Man in a game about gaming legends fighting.

The reason i didnt choose pacman, is pacman brings with him a much different feel than a third party character should.

With Snake, it was "OMG how is he going to fight? what is he going to do, seeing snake fight jiggly puff is going to be awesome"
For sonic it was "FINALLY, we can put the sonic and mario life long rivalry to the ultimate test!"

With megaman, I think all fans would be glad the blue bomber finally made a return and as grand as this, Megaman has been a top choice contender for a long long time, fans have always wanted him and seeing what he could do. Capcom has said they are looking for the right oppurtunity to revive the character, and there is not a better way than this.

The tales studio doesnt have that as much ill give you that, just because the popularity of the games havent reached their max potential, but this is how you do that, and fans of the series would go absolutely nuts having him go toe to toe with fire emblem characters or link, the series is famous for doing cameo's of not just the tales series itself, but other video games entirely. and with the director of tales directing this game, it is a possibility.

Having a Digimon Rep would recreate the sonic vs mario hype, with digimon vs pokemon. Something that is incredibly hard to do, as most games are evolving away from this sort of feel. I feel a digimon vs pokemon could easily bring the hype of sonic vs mario back to one of nintendo's most beloved and favorite franchises.

Pacman on the other hand. he doesnt have that same presence, or that rivalry between characters. People want pacman in the game, because they love pacman, that doesnt mean he is the best choice. He lacks the "Oh my god, what will his moves be, who will he fight?" sort of thing. I would LOVE pacman to be in this game, but thats because im a pacman fan, - I would love him in the game, but not as a fighter. he should not only be an assist trophy, but he should have his own level as well. I feel thats the best way to represent him. Not only that, but Pacman doesnt need to be advertised, and as much as you want to argue, if namco gets one shot at advertising, and maybe getting a second chance at bringing a beloved character or series back from the dead, or even worse, no localization. ( which digimon and the tales series struggle with all the time. Nintendo said it is going to help localize video games, and this is how Namco can do it. ) They basically get to pick one character to put into the Avengers of video games. People will see these characters in the game and go out and buy those games, people that may not have given the character a chance before, like fire emblem, snake, kid icarus, etc. Thats why I think we should look at other characters besides pacman. Pacman will always do fine. he will always be the Arcade mascot for as long as arcades exist. but I personally feel that if I were head of namco, and the opportunity came to put a character in, Pacman wouldnt be my first choice as a fan, and as a bussiness decision. Even if this game made pacman more popular, youre not going to turn that much of a profit on 99 cent iOS games, and wii ware titles.
Ridley, Tom Nook, Lip, Paper Mario, Megaman, Lloyd Irving, and Agumon for Smash

User Info: _Super_Shadow_

4 years ago#45
majora999 posted...
This is actually a really tough call for me.

Bowser Jr. > Paper Mario

Wolf > Rick

Vaati > Tetra

Mewtwo > Genesect

Medusa > Palutena (I feel like, while Palutena has more proven potential, via The Chaos Kin battle, Medusa could be more interesting. Plus need villains. I'd still rather see Hades over both, though.)

Agumon > Lloyd (Yeah, yeah, "it'll never happen", "dafuhq's wrong with you?", "why would you pick the most WTF option", but my inner Digimon fanboy squees at the possibility, and I've never even played Symphonia anyway.)

Ultimately, I'd have to go with the second.

I agree that Palutena has a better chance than medusa, but with a 3DS version of the game coming out along side this, its safe to assume we will get atleast one of them, and that makes me happy!

Tales of Symphonia is an outstanding game, and one of the game cube's best titles, you will see it on almost any top ten list for the console, and it even got to be a players choice game, which was really rare for nintendo to have on non nintendo stuff.

but this is exactly what im talking about, Digimon vs. Pokemon could be the new Mario vs. Sonic. no matter who you are, you have to get a little giddy :3

thank you for your feedback!
Ridley, Tom Nook, Lip, Paper Mario, Megaman, Lloyd Irving, and Agumon for Smash

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

4 years ago#46
I voted second. Both rosters are incredibly similar however, so this is kind of silly. For me, the main decision is Bowser Jr. vs. Paper Mario, which doesn't really matter much when the one not chosen will be DLC. But Bowser Jr. deserves the slot the most out of any Mario character.

I'd prefer Lyn over Micaiah though, but Agumon and Vaati are better than Lloyd and Tetra (though Lloyd would make much more sense). I'd prefer Mewtwo to Genesect too, but Genesect really would be interesting.
Ah, yes, the Negotiator: General Kenobi
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User Info: Luigifan141

4 years ago#47
Neither is good. All because you didn't included Jiggs!

User Info: _Super_Shadow_

4 years ago#48
Luigifan141 posted...
Neither is good. All because you didn't included Jiggs!

I included her as DLC
Ridley, Tom Nook, Lip, Paper Mario, Megaman, Lloyd Irving, and Agumon for Smash
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