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Dr. Mario

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User Info: Green Mamba

Green Mamba
4 years ago#11
Geno posted...
I don't understand what the frustration surrounding Dr. Mario is. Why not just make a Dr. Mario alt that changes the sound and look of his fireball? Boom, Dr. Mario right there. The statistical differences between Mario and Dr. Mario were moot point, so I'm not entirely certain why they'd need to be adjusted, but it certainly wouldn't be a huge issue to do some light number tweaks assigned to a new costume to make it more authentic to his Melee incarnation.

Same with Roy. Just have the VA change and add fire to attacks on the alt costume. Done.

Quite a few of us who played as the characters didn't do so simply because they looked different--I mained Dr. Mario in Melee and I will tell you that his differences from Mario were not a "moot point."

And once again, I have to point out that if you're going to statistically alter a costume that looks like Dr. Mario, how is that any different than just making him his own character outside of superficialities like character select screen presence?
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User Info: EJW

4 years ago#12
SpunkySix posted...
He was so minutely different it was almost funny. Why use resources for that?

I don't care what you or anyone else consider Dr. Mario to be. No offense, but it's annoying when people make him look bad just because he's similar to Mario. He has a playstyle I like. That's why I want him.
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User Info: Goshner2

4 years ago#13
Huh... This conversation is heading toward an interesting idea...

Costumes for characters that change their stats. It would be a good excuse for clones without them technically being clones. They could even have their name change with the costume and stats. Basically, it would just be that they have the same moveset.

They could get Daisy in this way with Peach and get Shadow with Sonic. Roy could be an alternate costume for Marth. Chrom could be a costume of Ike (or vice versa) with his sword changed slightly.

Lucas could be a costume for Ness (or vice versa). Falco could be a costume for Fox. However, these are a bit dramatic because there is a fair amount of difference between them. Still, the option exists.

They already have Blood Hawk as a costume for Captain Falcon. With this method, they could actually change his name when you use that costume. They could also have a Mr. L costume for Luigi actually named Mr. L. They could have Dark Link actually be called Dark Link.

I'm liking this idea...
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User Info: EJW

4 years ago#14
That would be the same as making Melee clones. As in they might as well be separate characters if they're going through all the trouble.
"Google is your friend"
Google led me here now answer the damn question.

User Info: Awakened_Link

4 years ago#15
Ugh, this topic is drenched with wretched posts. I hate the idea of moveset changes for alt costumes. Like, wth is the point?
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