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Your reaction? Nintendo goes the Skylanders route. . .

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  3. Your reaction? Nintendo goes the Skylanders route. . .

User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 years ago#21
ViewtifulGene posted...
Sounds awful. I'm all for game merchandise but I'm all against buying merchandise just to unlock content on a disc I already paid for. I would gladly go without SSB if the alternative is telling Nintendo I don't mind if they price gouge a full-sized game.
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User Info: otter_929

4 years ago#22
It would be kind of a drawback, but to collect the whole set would be fun. Also official nintendo merch that isnt just mario and luigi and the main people? I'd be very broke
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User Info: zzking24

4 years ago#23
I can guarantee, if this happened, all of you and probably MORE, would buy it. -_-
~GamerTag~ video games are for F.U.N. :P

User Info: The_Korey

4 years ago#24
SalsaSavant posted...
One of the few ways Nintendo could convince be to NOT buy this.
The Korey: Belligerent thundering since 1988.
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  3. Your reaction? Nintendo goes the Skylanders route. . .

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