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Weird/nonsensical desires you had for Smash in the past.

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  3. Weird/nonsensical desires you had for Smash in the past.

User Info: MegaWentEvil

4 years ago#1
-Wanting Serge from Chrono Cross as a newcomer.
-Wanting Popo and Nana to be separate characters with different movesets.

I was still a teen at that time, I don't want these things anymore, btw.
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User Info: Captain_Fetish

4 years ago#2
Foot fetish content. That said, I didn't expect it by any means, and I haven't stopped wishing for it.
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User Info: EtherPhoenix

4 years ago#3
When I first saw that a character named Roy was in it I immediately thought Roy Koopa. I had my heart set on playing the awesome, shade-wearing, wand-wielding child of the King of all Koopas.
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User Info: ANewGoshner

4 years ago#4
I wanted Ridley to be playable.
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User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#5
Wow. Serge would awesome.

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#6
Ganondorf actually using his magic and sword from the games. >.>

Seriously- stages kind of like how playstation all-stars did with the whole mash up. After playing both I prefer Smash with the single franchise stages, and PSASBR with the mash up stages, just suits each game better.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: EvilSakurai

4 years ago#7
A balanced game with fast-paced fighting, and an in depth online mode with clans, matchmaking, ranked, and weekly tournaments.

Also, an in depth stage creator.
PSN:omegamarth. I play fighting games.
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  3. Weird/nonsensical desires you had for Smash in the past.

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