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What stages would you like in the next Smash Bros.?

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User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 years ago#11
Out of the series currently repped with stages:

Mario series - Definitely Rainbow Road.

Donkey Kong series - As long as the stage doesn't suck as bad as 75m, I'm good.

Yoshi - Don't care.

Wario - Don't care.

Zelda - A dungeon/temple stage (even though Sakurai will probably insist that having it take place on a small floating island with Skyloft in the distance is a better idea, seeing as how he thought a ****ing bridge was the definitive stage for Twilight Princess).

Metroid - A retro stage based off of Super Metroid would be nice (by that, I mean it should come off as 16-bit, similar to the Mushroom Kingdom stages in Melee).

Kid Icarus - Pretty much anything from Uprising works. I don't have a real preference, though.

Ice Climber - A retro stage based off of levels from the original game, similar to Popo's Break The Targets stage in Melee. Seriously, why didn't this happen yet?

Gyromite - I don't care enough about ROB's games to want a stage from his series.

Kirby - A yarn stage might be interesting.

Pikmin - Pretty much what Brawl gave us, except it should take place on the ground. Maybe ROB's head can be seen in the distance (SSE established that there's more than one ROB)?

Starfox - Something similar to what we got in Brawl would be nice.

F-Zero - Another racetrack would be good.

Pokemon - Seeing either the original Pokemon Stadium return or a new Pokemon Stadium with the 4 basic elements is all I care about, but it might be fun to have a stage that takes place in a cave.

Fire Emblem - No real preference.

Mother/EarthBound - Something from Mother 1 (specifically Mount Itoi). Mother 2 and Mother 3 have gotten plenty of love in the past Smash games, so I think Mother 1 should definitely get a stage in the next game.

Game & Watch - Pretty much the same thing they did in Melee. Brawl's stage was more interesting, but it was way too over the top with its stage hazards.

Metal Gear Solid - Don't care.

Sonic The Hedgehog - Casino Night is easily my most wanted stage.

Animal Crossing - Anywhere that's actually in Smashville (or whatever they decide to call it in the next game). I'm really tired of stages that are boring gameplay-wise, but try to make up for it by shoving a lot of stuff in the background. The stage doesn't have to be cluttered with hazards, but it should at least be better than a Final Destination with a floating platform that occasionally pops up.

Hanenbow - No thanks. I hated the stage in Brawl and I don't really want to see a similar stage like it show up.

Pictochat - The stage we got in Brawl was kind of interesting, so I don't mind seeing it again. However, getting an entirely new stage for this would be ridiculous.
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User Info: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33

4 years ago#12
Like I said,
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User Info: GameKing59

4 years ago#13
LegendofLegaia:I once considered maybe one of the main buildings in Animal Crossing would make for a neat stage. I have four fits I think would work best for the stage.

1.Town Hall.

2.Nook's Store.

3.Town Gate.

4.Perhaps a platform that does a flyover of a town, stopping at various points in town to change the layout of the stage, like Delfino Plaza in SSBB.

Which of these do you think works best?

User Info: itsmeaustin

4 years ago#14
Glitzpit (Paper Mario TTYD)

Dolphin Park (Wave Race 64)

Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2)

Moonside (Earthbound/Mother 2)

Death Mountain (A Link to the Past, Alternating between light and dark worlds)

Groznyj Grad (MGS3)

Highway (Mach Rider)

NYC Training Grounds (Punch Out)

Also, please bring back Saffron City

User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
4 years ago#15
Pokemon - Any wilderness route (I'm fond of the route right before Victory Road in BW or BW2, but I'd settle for anything at this point). I am sick and tired of stadiums, and not particularly enamored with the other man-made stages we've gotten thus far either. 70% of the Pokemon games are wilderness routes, how the heck have we not gotten a single one in Smash yet? Wilderness area with some cliffs and possibly water, and with patches of tall grass out of which wild pokemon would occassionally appear would be great.

Mario - Bowser's Castle. It just needs to happen, its such a common localle for Mario games and its about time Bowser got a "home stage". I'd also like to see a Ghost House, that could have some interesting hazards I think with moving, disappearing platforms and ghosts. And a Mario Galaxy stage would also be fun.

Paper Mario - Glitzville. Definately Glitzville. It just fits so well, and you could have hazards consisting of the various fighters (including the Yoshi kid) and if PM doesn't make it as a character, him as well.

Zelda - A SS stage that takes place on Levias' back with some of those wierd dragonfly type things and / or loftwings as hazards, occassionally dropping players off on the other islands like the bug paradise and of course the sacred tower island. I'd also like to see pretty much any dungeon-based interior area since most of the Zelda stages have all been outdoors.

Kirby - For some reason I really want to see some sort of Kirby-related snow stage. I guess White Waffers from Return to Dreamland would do nicely.

DK - Don't know how it would work, but a minecart level would be neat.

Pikmin - A stage consisting of 3 raised stone platforms seperated by water, and Pikmin would gradually build bridges over the water, making it one single platform. Once the bridges were built, sheargrubs would break them down. Wogpoles would be swimming in the water and attack players who fell in, and perhaps a floating blowhog or wollywog could could come along and attack players until killed, after which blue Pikmin would carry the body off.
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User Info: Ray_Ledgend_46

4 years ago#16
Hmm. I could come up with a whole lot of stages I'd like to see.

- Bowser's Castle
Has deserved it since Melee. It's one of the most iconic places in the series.

- Rainbow Road
The most memorable location in Mario Kart, at least to me, and a very distinct look.

- Toad Town
A Paper Mario themed stage might be pretty cool. It's a pretty unique artstyle, and so might make for a cool backdrop to fight in.

- Any Kirby's Epic Yarn Level
Same reason as Toad Town. Just a cool atmosphere to use.

- Kid Icarus Uprising: On Rails Tour
It was actually difficult for me to come up with a location from Uprising I cared enough about to use as a stage. I mean, I guess the Lightning Temple was cool enough, but I think going through the game's on rails sections, kind of like Lylat Cruise in Brawl would be cool, since, at least in my opinion, the on rails sections were the most visually impressive parts of that game.

- Corneria City (StarFox)
Not some flyby level like in Melee, I'm talkin' a good ol' fashioned stationary level for the StarFox series. Corneria is pretty much the home world of that series, so I'm choosing that.

- Aether (Metroid Prime)
The planet from Metroid Prime 2. A bit past its relevance, but I think it'd be really cool. The stage would be transitioning back and forth from its light and dark counterparts. It'd be great =P

- Holosseum (Custom Robo)
Just a basic, cyber styled Holosseum, preferably designed visually like the basic default one from the Gamecube Custom Robo. That one just had a very distinctive look, no other preference.

- Dragon Roost Island
Since Wind Waker is not only my favorite 3D Zelda, but in fact, the only one I've played that I actually enjoy, I'm in full support of more levels based on it. That's my entire reasoning =P

If I pushed myself, I could probably come up with more, but I'm bored and sleepy, so that's all I'm putting down.
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User Info: LordAlistair

4 years ago#17
A Fire Emblem level. No, not some generic castle that somebody put the the Falchion Icon on. An actual level from one of the games.

And one of the Lighthouses from Golden Sun. Preferably Venus or Mars, but I'll take any of them.

User Info: GameKing59

4 years ago#18
Say, perhaps this could be a stage in the next Smash Bros.

World 7 Mid-Castle Elevator (New Super Mario Bros. Wii).
Description:The stage is a constantly-rising elevator like the ones from World 7's Mid Castle. The platform tilts slightly in relation to the position(s) of the player(s) on it, moving it slightly in the direction it's tilting. This could be one of the stage's hazards, as it creates the risk of players being crushed. The other stage hazards would change depending on what the background looks like. If the background is the sky, the hazards will be rising and lowering cannons on either side of the platform that fire bullet bills, which deal 15% damage upon contact (unless that's too much/little). The next set of sky hazards is Banzai Bills that come at you from both sides, and deal much more damage on contact. After a while, the elevator will slide up into the castle portion of the stage, and the background becomes a stone wall. In that portion, brown platforms will start sliding back and forth on either side of the screen. The hazards are cannons that fire a unique kind of Bob-omb. The Bob-ombs the cannons fire aren't the item. Instead, the Bob-ombs are the kind from the actual stage. They walk across the stage and fall off of the other side. If the Bob-ombs are attacked, they will sit down, wait a while, and explode. While they're sitting, they can be picked up and thrown at the other players. If they aren't stopped, and contact a player character, they will explode.

Say, would it be better if the stage switched between the backgrounds and sets of traps? Or would people prefer it be only one of the two at the time, each one randomly selected whenever the stage is selected?

User Info: Mottman

4 years ago#19
Bowser's Castle (Mario series)
Bionis Leg (Xenoblade Chronicles)
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User Info: PaulMalucciMD

4 years ago#20
Gangplank Galleon
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