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ITT Capcom vs. Nintendo: Nintendo side movesets.

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User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#1
Got bored of all the negativity on the Wii U forums, so thought I'd come here, and spark some awesome, and get those creative juices flowing.
And nothing helps with that like creating Capcom styled movesets.

Feel free to post your own, or suggest characters. You can decide whether you want SF-style six-button sets, or MvC3-style four-button sets.

Here's the order things will go in.

Specials: special moves, duh!




Person you'd like to voice them

Musical theme.

I'll start.



QCF + L/M/H: Shadow Ball - the button pressed, dictates the direction the projectile goes,

D/F/DF+L/M/H: Teleport - Mewtwo teleports towards his opponent. The distance depends on the button you press.

D/B/DB +L/M/H: Teleport - Same as above, in reverse.

QCB+ M: Reflect- Mewtwo puts up a barrier, which reflects incoming projectiles.

Hold forward - back + H: Counter- Mewtwo takes his opponent's attack, and hits them back, twice as hard.


L: Jab
-->: Low tail slap
Crouching L: Tail slap
Jumping L: Air spark
M: Push kick
-> M: Median chassé (a roundhouse kick, usually aimed to the thigh, or side)
Crouching M: Psychic pulse
Jumping M: Aerial Tail slap
H: Force push
<-- H: Solar Plexus uppercut
Crouching H: Psychic toss
Jumping H: Heavy drop kick
S: Psychic
Air S: Psychic

Level 1 Hyper: Psybeam - shoots a beam of psychic energy at the foe

Level 2 Hyper: Cross-beam - Mew flies into the stage, and gets into a scuffle with his clone counterpart, with Mewtwo's foe getting caught in the crossfire. The fight between Mewtwo and his originator ends for a brief moment, and the two fire psybeams at each other, again, Mewtwo's victim is caught in the middle.

Level 3 Hyper: Attack of the clones - Mewtwo whistles, and flies over his opponent. His army of clones come rushing by, knocking the victim into the air. At the very end, a clone Hitmonlee jumps up, and drop kicks the opponent to the other side of the screen. Mewtwo comes back, catches the aerial opponent

Forward throw: Mewtwo wraps his tail around his victim's throat, and sends a pulse of psychic energy through their body, he then releases them, and kicks them forward.

Back Throw: Mewtwo lifts them off the ground, angles them behind himself, and throws them

Intro quote: "I am the strongest Pokemon in the world. You stand little chance."
Against Rose: "Strange... I cannot read your mind, as easily as I can others. Another psychic?"
Against Dante: "Another who's mind I can't read... perhaps there isn't much there..."
Against Pikachu: "A Pikachu... have we met before, little one?"

Win quotes

Generic: "I am Mewtwo, the world's mightiest Pokemon! All shall bow before my true might!"
Against Rose: "Your mind is strong, but mine is stronger."
Against Dante: "You must have a very powerful mind, for me not to be capable of reading it. Your skull must be very dense!"
Against Pikachu: "I mistook you for another Pikachu. Perhaps you know him, his tears can wake the dead."

Theme: Pokemon Red/Green Gym Leader Battle

Strength: ***
Speed: ****
Intelligence: *******
Energy manipulation: *******
TvC Friend Code: 4598-2098-0537
Hit me up for a match, always looking for new sparring partners.
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