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Your most hated stages in Brawl

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User Info: DarthBadger

4 years ago#21
There are others, but New Pork City mostly.

I think it tried to be the new Temple but did absolutely everything wrong.
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User Info: _Super_Shadow_

4 years ago#22
75m is by far the worst level ive played in smash history. its terrible.
mushroomy kingdom

Those are the only ones I hate. I dont care to much for some others, but those are the only ones I dislike.
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User Info: Exodecai

4 years ago#23
New Pork City... that stage was just awful to fight on.
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User Info: fawful_X

4 years ago#24
For me, I like stages that aren't dull, and hate those that are. Also, I hate NPC.

New Pork City: The platforms are too far away! Also, an Ultimate Chimera appeared on top of me with no warning once, meaning pretty much every battle I play in NPC is on that tiny boat.

Final Destination: Depends, but the majority of times I play against projectile spammers. Really makes me wish that at least the Stale Moves "award" returned.

Smashville: Exactly like Final Destination, but somehow duller (despite having an extra floating platform). Waste of a stage if you ask me.

Battlefield: Melee's version looked better, and I never bothered with Brawl hacking, so that means I get a relatively dull stage.

Bridge of Eldin: Exactly like Final Destination, but you can't see people fail to recover (which is slightly humorous) or accidentally suicide (which is funny, especially with a LANDMASTA!)
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User Info: alpha-ape

4 years ago#25
New Pork City: Too big with annoying stage hazards
75m: See NPC
Mario Bros. Koopas and crabs provide easy kills if thrown.
Final Destination: As DK and Puff main I get destroyed by projectile spamming.
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User Info: Pikmin3000

4 years ago#26
New Pork City - I have no problem with large stages, but this stage is just SO BORING. The Ultimate Chimaera is just a cheap gimmick to make it seem more playable.

Mario Bros. - I really don't like stages with cheap death gimmicks. I can handle hazards like WarioWare and Pictochat just fine, but this stage is just awful. The fact that none of my matches here last more than 2 minutes is telling enough.

Rumble Falls - A stage which requires constant jumping, that is covered in deadly spikes. Nuff said.

Final Destination - The stage is just boring gameplay-wise and aesthetically, I'm all good and fine with balance, but I like to have other elements in my matches besides, just "skillz". Aside from that, the stage is terrible for characters like Olimar and R.O.B. who require distance & high ground to maximize their efficiency.

Yoshi's Island - Those spinning crates are ridiculous, and anyone who's played a StarFox character on this stage knows it's fatal flaw.

Other than these five, I'm good with every other stage in the game.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#27
New Pork City for obvious reasons, but I love the background.
Final Destination from sheer overuse
Hanenbow for being unplayable
Mushroomy Kingdom for being a boring scrolling stage.
75 M and Mario Bros. was just a dumb idea.
Pokemon Stadium 2 for being inferior to its predecessor
Green Hill Zone for straight up boredom.
Pictochat for its random and often lethal hazards.
Flat Zone 2 for lacking the originality and shock value of the original.
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User Info: Yo_Yo_Cheese

4 years ago#28
Mario Bros.
Rumble Falls
Mushroomy Kingdom
Spear Pillar (Palkia)

Temple and New Pork City are actually two of my favorite stages.
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User Info: Luigifan141

4 years ago#29
I have a lot to say. Brawl easily has the worst stages out of the three games:

* Mario Bros. (The whole stage is just one clobbered mess. Plus those annoying Shellcreepers...)
* Bridge of Eldin (Very boring... aside from the Jiggs glitch. That's the only redeeming quality about it.)
* Flat Zone 2 (I didn’t like the one in Melee, and I don’t like the one in Brawl, either. Both are very small and annoying.)
* Frigate Orpheon (Very boring, and the flip gimmick is unessecary.)
* Lylat Cruise (Not bad, but I never play on it anyway. Mainly because it could’ve been so much more, but it’s just a tilting Battlefield. Dissapointing.)
* Mushroomy Kingdom (I love the concept, but it’s not a good competitive stage. It can even be a bit dull in casual play, too.)
* New Pork City (Shameless Hyrule Temple rip-off. 75m is a much better Temple-themed stage.)
* Hanenbow (Who thought this was a good idea?)
* Rumble Falls (Moving stages are never fun. Except for Poke Floats.)
* Pokemon Stadium 2 (I hate the gimmicky transformations! Pokemon Stadium 1 is much better, and not because of nostalgia, but because you have more control of the stage, and it's overall more fun than Stadium 2 is.)
* Port Town Aero Dive (Not as fun as Mute City. Plus, that part with the hole in the middle always gets me! lol)
* Skyworld (Another unoriginal Battlefield clone. Yawn.)

As for returning Melee stages:

* Big Blue (Never liked it, and was sad when this returned over Mute City. The whole concept is annoying, and you can barley even fight. At least messing around with Sonic is fun!)
* Brinstar (Not a bad stage at all, I just wish the fun-loving Brinstar Depths got in instead.)
* Rainbow Cruise (Like Big Blue, I always hated this stage! Not fun to fight on, it's very campy even with the falling blocks and disappearing carpets, and I wish Peach's Castle got in instead.)

Melee and 64 had a much better stage list. Glad I'm playing Project M now instead of Brawl, as the stages in Project M are much more fun than in Brawl!

User Info: bloodmage3

4 years ago#30
New Pork City. Because spending most of the time jumping from one point to another is just so much more fun then actual fighting.
75M. Why was this made? 25M and 100M are far more iconic levels and would be more playable then this pile of crap.
Hanenbow - Biggest joke of Brawl right there.
Flat Zone 2 - Because stage hazards that lock you into an extremely long and sometimes inifinte combo are fun!
Port Town Aero Dive - Because Stage Hazards that hit harder then a Falcon Punch and can come completely unannounced are also fun!
Mario Bros - What could be a fun, original and gimmicky idea for a stage is now a mindless spamfest. If there is any stage that would greatly benefit from a 'hazards off' switch, it's this.
Rumble Falls - Oh, and this one too. I don't know what is worse, the spikes that can easily OHKO anyone or the speed bursts that turn a fighting game into a Mario platformer.
Final Destination. Smashville is prettier, better and doesn't have stupid edges that screw characters like Marth.
Mushroomy Kingdom - I'm fine with the design but I just can't get over it that someone nuked Mushroom Kingdom. What sick psychopath nukes Mushroom Kingdom??
Castle Siege - Again, fine with the design but if this is as much a Fire Emblem stage as Battlefield. Would it hurt to have a location that's actually related to FE?
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