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Your most hated stages in Brawl

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User Info: Nicholas2222

4 years ago#31
New Pork City and Rumble Falls and Rainbow Cruise

On the reverse however, Frigate Orpheon is my favourite

User Info: Majora999

4 years ago#32
Hanenbow (there is NOTHING good about this stage.)

The Summit (see Hanenbow. I guess the music is alright, though...)

WarioWare Inc. (the basic set-up is fine, and the minigames would be fine if they were just hazards, but the whole reward system is pointless, distracting and makes no sense. Yay! I'm invincib- oh wait, so is he. Woo, I'm giant! Aww, but he's invincible...)

75m (a good stage in concept, terrible choice of Donkey Kong level. Pretty much any other part of the game would've been better.)

Mario Bros. (camera position sucks and too many hazards.)

New Pork City (would great, if not for the horrible zoom on the camera. Seriously, what were they thinking??)

Rumble Falls (it would've been fine, but the platform layout is needlessly complicated, the speeding up is obnoxious and unlike Icicle Mountain, which stopped now and then, it constantly moves. Honestly vertical climbing stages are always a bad idea, Rainbow Cruise and Mushroomy Kingdom are fine, you can just keep in mind to move forward and they move pretty slow, but having to focus on climbing is way too distracting.)

Bridge of Eldin (just... just WHY???)

Spear Pillar (now, I actually like this stage... when it's Dialga and Cresselia. Palkia just ruins this otherwise decent stage.)
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User Info: SmashBro25

4 years ago#33
New Pork City and Rumble Falls are the only two stages I will never voluntarily play on.
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