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I have it! This game won't be Super Smash Bros Unleashed...

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User Info: Davidk92

4 years ago#1 will be Super Smash Bros United.

Because it's for the Wii U, it's believed it will have some sort of connectivity with the 3DS (thereby "uniting" them), AND what does SSB do in general? UNITES the various Nintendo series!

I am such a genius.
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do."
~Walter Bagehot

User Info: james259

4 years ago#2
...I like it
It hurts so good

User Info: SalsaSavant

4 years ago#3
Not a bad title.
I like it. It's better then half the titles thrown around.
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User Info: UberPyro64

4 years ago#4
Will they get to fight the X-Men?
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User Info: Kooky_von_Koopa

4 years ago#5
I am not changing this signature until Mewtwo/Dr. Mario is confirmed for Smash 4.
Jesus is the best ever! (B)uilt (O)n (S)elf (S)uccess.

User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 years ago#6
No thanks.
Ninten/Giygas/Porky/Masked Man_Ridley_Black Shadow_Little Mac_Animal Crosser_Toad/Bowser Jr._Mega Man_Mewtwo_Palutena and Terra FOR SMASH! / = Either one

User Info: DasDavid

4 years ago#7
Not awful because of all the reason you mentioned, but meh... I really want the title to still reflect a fight of some sort. Like obviously Melee and Brawl did, so I don't know why they can't just come up with another word like those. Don't see why it has to start with a U <.<

User Info: liveman789

4 years ago#8
Not bad.

The one reason I feel it wouldn't work it because it's a game where Nintendo characters are fighting one another, not uniting. Unless it's in regards to the story mode.
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User Info: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33

4 years ago#9
Not bad at all. I'd be totally down with this, yo.
The key to being a genius, or just a good person in general, is to be stupid in moderation.

User Info: a_fartn_Spartan

4 years ago#10
Only problem:

"You wanna play Melee?"
"You wanna play Brawl?"
"You wanna play United?"

It just doesn't fit. But the devs probably don't care about that trend. It's still a possibility and better than anything I could come up with.
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