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My Roster Predictions (take 2)

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User Info: Maetch

4 years ago#1
Seeing as how I fudged up on the past attempt and want to make sure it gets properly read this time, here's my reposted predictions:

Original 12
*Donkey Kong
*Captain Falcon

Likely Returning Characters (besides Original 12)
*Meta Knight
*King Dedede
*Diddy Kong
*Falco OR Wolf (but not both)
*Ice Climbers
*Mr. Game & Watch

Likely New Characters
*A new Pokemon (humanoid in stature)
*A new FE character from Awakening
*At least two new NES-era characters
*Two third-party guests (at most)

This is not a full roster, but just me predicting the ones most likely to get chosen for it. And PLEASE don't say anything about Shulk because I have no reasonable opinion for or against the character (I'm going by what I recognize).
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  3. My Roster Predictions (take 2)

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