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Color differential between Marth, Ike, and Chrom's hair...

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User Info: PlasmaCannon

4 years ago#121
SpunkySix posted...
PlasmaCannon posted...
This topic was an interesting read. ViewtifulGenes debate skills are top notch, I'm almost envious.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Out of ten, how many of my butts would you say were kicked in the end?

I'm not sure tbh. Most of the time it seems you two were arguing in circles so this looks like a stalemate to me.
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User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 years ago#122
SpunkySix posted...
...because he doesn't use the same weapon

He most likely wouldn't use an actual weapon for his A-moveset as he generally doesn't carry a weapon with him, which is the same case for Mario, Luigi, and Wario.

So yeah, in a sense, he'd kind of have the same "weapon" as them (his fist and feet), minus his B-moveset.

Waluigi is the dark counterpart to Luigi so some basic clothing similarities are justified.

And blue haired characters are not uncommon in Fire Emblem, so I don't see how having 3 main characters who happen to have the same hair color is unjustified.

He isn't the same "class" as any of the represented characters.

90% of what he does in the spinoffs can be done by literally any other Mario character and people commonly suggest that he should rep the spinoffs, including you.

You can barely even see Waluigi's hair...

So? They still have the same hair color.

And what is his hair colored by? A hat that is pretty much exactly the same as Mario, Luigi, and Wario's hats, minus the fact that it's purple and has an upside down L.

the comparison is so off I'm not even sure I covered everything.

You say you want aesthetic diversity, yet you support one of Mario's least aesthetically diverse characters.

Something doesn't really add up there.

It's not like he'd have fireballs, jump attacks, spin/water attacks and cape/headbutt attacks, and if he did, then I wouldn't want him.

You don't know what Waluigi's moveset would be like as it doesn't exist yet. Who honestly thought Ganondorf would be a Falcon clone?

Amd when did I say it was a "horrible offense"? Until this argument began, I wasn't even complaining much about it, I just said I didn't want Chrom because of aesthetic similarities that stretch beyond clothing.

When it's constantly brought up by everyone on practically ever FE topic, then it seems like you guys think of it that way.

Which is fairly similar between the Chrom and Ike/Marth anyway, at least in terms of style.

They're still more aesthetically different from each other than characters like Mario compared to Luigi and Kirby compared to Jigglypuff.
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User Info: SpunkySix

4 years ago#123
I just finished admitting that I can't fully explain it. I'm done. Maybe if I spent hours on research and tons of money for expensive equipment I'd be able to figure it out, but it's not really worth it.
Tissue to the extreme!
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User Info: ShadowMegaman1

4 years ago#124
SpunkySix posted...
ShadowMegaman1 posted...
SpunkySix posted...
ViewtifulGene posted...
SpunkySix posted...
Yet this OP specified NOTHING about likelihood. And it isn't about "too similar" it's about "too similar when compared to other potential FE reps". IF you want aesthetic variety maximized, then no, that isn't questionable.

The premise that variety should be optimized is questionable. The line of questioning stands.

OP specified nothing about wants if that's the game you're playing.

I didn't say it should be, I said I wanted it to be along with a group of other users here. Knowing this, Chrom is not the best FE rep for said group.

Exactly. The OP specified nothing. Therefor, it generally slammed anybody who was against Chrom as a FE rep due to aesthetics regardless of what their reasoning was, even if it was a simple subjective opinion. Maybe TC should be a little more specific when throwing accusations around.

I was specific, I mentioned the hair color argument explicitly. Which was the premise of my original post. Had nothing to do with personal desires.

No you weren't. You mentioned hair color, but you said nothing at all about who the "dumb" comment was aimed at. You didn't say that it was aimed at those who didn't want Chrom because of any particular reasoning, you just said that basically, not wanting Chrom for any aesthetic similarities based reason was dumb. You didn't specify arguing for likelihood at any point in the OP.

Yes, I did. What I said is anyone that uses hair color as an argument against a character -- Chrom in this case -- is using a dumb argument. You're correct though in that I was not discussing likelihood, because that was never my point. The purpose of my thread was to address a line of thinking, not champion Chrom. Hopefully this clarifies my post.
(message deleted)

User Info: SpunkySix

4 years ago#126
I get it now, but that wording was unclear, at least to me.
Tissue to the extreme!
Hey, is that Jack Ryder up there?!?
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