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Dr. Mario, Pichu, Young Link, Mewtwo, and Roy as DLC

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User Info: Chaos_Echo

4 years ago#11
Savra104 posted...
Why have DLC when you can have a full game with everything in it?
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User Info: PaulMalucciMD

4 years ago#12
Melee cuts didn't bother me, except Mewtwo.

Now if it was Mask Link, that'd be awesome.
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User Info: Smasher345

4 years ago#13
I personally think its the best way to include them and it can be called the Melee pack which would also consist of some melee stages as well.

User Info: liveman789

4 years ago#14
We don't need 3 Links, let alone 2.
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User Info: victinivcreate1

4 years ago#15
Chomper4 posted...

Mewtwo as DLC

I would rage like crazy, having to wait for a few weeks or months to get him.


Saddened, but can wait.

Everyone else?
Don't care
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User Info: alpha-ape

4 years ago#16
Meh, I only want to see Pichu and Young Link back of those.

User Info: OP_Forever

4 years ago#17
I don't understand why people would rather they are not in the game if they are paid DLC. It's just being crappy to anyone who actually want them. Whoever want them can pay for them. And for you, you can just play the game as normal. It doesn't harm you, and it benefits other. The idea for paid download is that we'll give you additional content for extra bucks. Buying the original game guarantee you the game content. If you can find me anywhere on the box that say "by buying this game, we promise that we will give access to all dlc for free", then I'm wrong. Otherwise, it's just people being entitled to something that was never promise to them.

User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
4 years ago#18
Mewtwo, yes, if he isn't in the core game.

Everyone else, no. I'd rather have them put in quality, unique characters than a bunch of clones, especially as DLC where you're paying extra.
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User Info: Andre_B_R

4 years ago#19
this + DLC packs with the stages cut from past games and completely new stuff.
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User Info: Koro-Sensei

4 years ago#20
StitchRS posted...
Only if they're free. They're veteran characters, two of which were cut from the last game due to time contraints, plus Doc and Young Link are clones, and Pichu was a last minute joke character.

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