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Your reaction: There are no cups

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User Info: wiiking96

4 years ago#1
And all the Smashes have to drink out of dried out Octoroks, Geemer stomachs, and hollowed out Bully horns.
More villains need to be protagonists. BiS proves it can work.
Ridley, Ganondorf, Fawful, Bowser, and Dimentio all for their own games!

User Info: ViewtifulGene

4 years ago#2
So Falcon has to drink his bourbon straight from the bottle now. How does that change anything?
"Once again, ViewtifulGene's logic blows minds and crushes dreams." -TheGamingGolfer
"Supez teh king" -dedekong

User Info: SmallerRidley

4 years ago#3
Kirby's, Fox's, Pikachu's, and Ness's up-smashes become overpowered.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. In NGE, Doritos are perishable goods

User Info: Great_Belch

4 years ago#4
...I'm afraid I do not understand...
How extraordinary! It seems that everyone has passed out!
...I wonder why, though.

User Info: GreatJallopi

4 years ago#5
Crotch shots have damage multiplier x15

Female characters become God tier, along with "its" (i.e. ROB)
I am the cheese. I am the best character on the show. I am better than both the salami and the bologna combined.
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  3. Your reaction: There are no cups

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