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Will one of the Star Fox characters be cut?

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User Info: Ari917

4 years ago#21
SMASHKING84 posted...
i wouldn't say that. because people complained when adventure of link came out for it not being like zelda one.

Obviously if one game can make a pattern then two definitely is.

No... That's goes against what a pattern is, which is a frequent and consistent occurence. You can't have that if there's only one occurence, two can lead to a pattern but it can also be coincidental since the occurence can just as easily be broken as they can be maintained and there's no further data to draw from to prove either way.

Instead, what I would say that is that rather expectation doesn't come from a "pattern," it came from people loving something so much that they wanted it to continue being the thing they love, thus wanting it to become a pattern.

User Info: a_fartn_Spartan

4 years ago#22
I doubt either will be cut, but rather decloned. If either leave, it should be Falco because if Wolf didn't look so close to Fox, Falco may not have even been in Melee, and then possibly not in Brawl.
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User Info: Spade59

4 years ago#23
Three instances form a pattern, not two. Starfox has gotten a rep in every smash.
Not that I think it will this time.

Aphoph posted...
It's not like Star Fox is still a relevant or top notch franchise.

Neither are many of the franchises represented in smash

Your logic sucks, this topic sucks. Absolute flopic. Incalculable failure. Try again.

User Info: RawstyleEevee

4 years ago#24
Probably Wolf, if Sakurai wants to keep the same amount as Brawl had or thinks Starfox is Overrepped

Falco, kinda is like Jigglypuff, maybe not the most deserving rep in the series, but a mainstay in the Smash Bros cast
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  3. Will one of the Star Fox characters be cut?

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