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Made a (revised) Roster

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User Info: Doug314

4 years ago#11
It has Magnus. 1/10
Palutena, Isaac, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Anna for SSB Wii U and SSB 3DS!
"Mewtwo & Roy WILL return in this game" -Kooky_von_Koopa

User Info: bleachgamer3

4 years ago#12
I like the roster as long as you keep Bayonetta in there . Bowser jr is cool also.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#13
LegendofLegaia posted...
+It has Ridley
+Mewtwo returns
+It has Saki
+It has Little Mac
+It has Isaac


-It has three new retros. *Personally, I'd cut Ballon Fighter*
-It has Tingle
-It has Dark Samus
-It has Lloyd Irving
-It has Bayonetta
-It has two Mario reps instead of none
-It has Magnus instead of Palutenta
-Ike and PT are cut
-I'd rather have Ike and PT over half of the newcomers in this roster

Overall: 4/10
Message board arguments in a nutshell.

User Info: Soanevalcke6

4 years ago#14

Here I organized it better, Separated Zero Suit Samus from Samus, and added Dillon. 55 characters.

If you want my list cut down to 50, just cut Dillon, Lip, Shulk, Isaac, and Saki
They made a moon base to survey my standards but they have yet to make visual contact
SSB4 Roster: PSN/NNID/Steam: Soanevalcke6
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