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Smash 4 should have crap like this:

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User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#1





Just imagine: Luigi sent flying into a bunch of Mario villains that beat him up.

Captain Falcon thrown into an F-Zero track where he gets juggled by lots of fast race cars, the last one sending him high enough to be hit by the Falcon Flyer.

Pokemon Trainer getting sent flying towards Lugia, who uses Aeroblast on him.

Samus thrown into a chair that straps her in and clips her eyes open, forcing her to watch that ten minute scene in Other M where Adam intercepts her before she enters Sector Zero, which transforms her mental pain into horrific physical pain, all while time and space distorts and twist (her screaming gets distorted too)...ending with a giant explosion.
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User Info: Kratos_Aurion75

4 years ago#2
Loved the first one, others not as much.

That said, overly drawn out cinematics during matches get old fast and simply disrupt gameplay. If we're talking about including them in some kind of single player experience then they're neat, otherwise no.

Unless they're not actually viable, sort of like instant kills in Guilty Gear or something where it's just something neat that doesn't really come into play during actual matches, or done with an item or a gimmicky stage or something.

Simply put: Don't force it, but it's a neat side thing to enjoy a few times.
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User Info: SpunkySix

4 years ago#3
Aw, poor Harley...

That said, the game looks incredible and I love those transitions. So cool... I was fanboy squeeing the whole time. Cannot WAIT to play that one when it comes out.
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User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#4
Sedix: Baffling Artist

User Info: dedekong

4 years ago#5
Stage Hazards do this already... without disrupting the action of 4, not 2, different players.

User Info: fawfulmark2

4 years ago#6
Spear Pillar, WarioWare and 75m have events similar to this.
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User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#7
Sedix: Baffling Artist
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  3. Smash 4 should have crap like this:

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