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"Great_Belch" Reviews the Potential Candidate! Today: WALUIGI!

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User Info: MrSpacelySlate

4 years ago#11
Eh. You lost me at pedophile.

He's no worse than Wario.

User Info: albertojz356

4 years ago#12

x5 Priam
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User Info: bestssbbfan

4 years ago#13
I respect you opinion but disagree with your reasoning. His aesthetics is not what id weigh very heavily. Also like what others have said his overall wacky, facetious and flippant attitude is my favorite part about him even with out his memetics (which Ill admit well probably never see referenced). I do agree with you on the other 2 parts however in irrelevance and uniqueness.

My noms go to mewtwo
Created 6/12/2011
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#14
same vote as last time
Jirachi is the best pokemon

User Info: 8-bitMegaman

4 years ago#15
You did well, I apprrove this topic. All noms to Mewtwo.
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User Info: ChromKirby

4 years ago#16
Nominate Dunban X5

User Info: Great_Belch

4 years ago#17
Ah, glad to see so many thought-provoking comments! Well, in response to some people going on the character Waluigi's appearance: it just doesn't suit me. I know that it is supposed to be comical and outlandish, and I get where the rest of you are coming from with that, but it simply doesn't work with me. Waluigi looks repulsive in my eyes, and just because he was meant to be funny doesn't mean he is to me. So sorry, but I think it best to explain myself here.
"Great Belch" Reviews the Potential Candidate!
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User Info: Exodecai

4 years ago#18
I understand this is your opinion on the appearance of Waluigi but I don't think this would be a "strike" against him in being in this game. If anything it would benefit him that he looks repulsive/ugly/weird because it just gives him a more distinctive look. I respect your opinion that you don't suit his look, but I just don't think his look would be a strike against him. Waluigi's main, and probably his only problem (granted it is a huge one) is that he's never starred in anything outside of spinoff/party titles, this I agree with 100% with you.

Also on a side note, I'm glad you weren't someone that said he's "a skinny wario" or a "purple luigi" since he's no where near either of those. I smh whenever I see someone say one of those.
Proud Supporter of Waluigi for Smash 4. Waluigi Time!

User Info: Neatherd

4 years ago#19
3x chrom

2x lucina

User Info: PlasmaCannon

4 years ago#20
Not sure what to say since I'm neutral towards the character. Nice read though.


Alice (Balloon Kid) x 5
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