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Mario Character Poll 1/3 (READ BEFORE VOTING)

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User Info: xgiraffes13x

4 years ago#1
Which character do YOU want the most to be playable? - Results (62 votes)
9.68% (6 votes)
Bowser Jr.
20.97% (13 votes)
11.29% (7 votes)
8.06% (5 votes)
Paper Mario
20.97% (13 votes)
1.61% (1 votes)
4.84% (3 votes)
11.29% (7 votes)
Other(Comment your reasoning)
3.23% (2 votes)
No Mario reps for Smash(Comment your reasoning)
8.06% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm holding 3 polls based on possible Mario reps for Smash 4.
- Which character do you want the most?
- Which character would make the most rage if they got in?
- Which character is the MOST LIKELY? (No bias.. I'm looking at you Michaeloll and Littlejeffery)
My Dream SSB4 Roster -
3 months until E3! *fangirls*

User Info: sterlingtyger

4 years ago#2
King Boo because I am a firm believer in moveset potential above all else(for my own wishlists at least) and I think he'd just be straight up awesome.

User Info: UberPyro64

4 years ago#3
None. Mario has enough.

It's got Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser for the main ones, and then Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong for sub series.
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User Info: Ice_Dragon14

4 years ago#4
Toadette, gotta go with your favorites

User Info: Dustof_DryBones

4 years ago#5
None. Like UberPyro said, the main ones are sufficient and even then that's not counting the sub-series characters like Wario and Yoshi. What limited development resources this game is going to allocate to newcomers should be handed over to representatives of new/unrep'd franchises and not minor sidekicks from the Marioverse.
Ahoy, matey!

User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#6
Official Houndoom of the Pokemon XY boards.

User Info: DasDavid

4 years ago#7
First I voted under the pretense that the lack of a mario rep means another rep in from another franchise. Now, in some other world where that's somehow not the case and we'd get a mario rep no matter what, then I would go with Dry Bones cause he was cool beans in Mario Kart and I love him for some reason.
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User Info: Doug314

4 years ago#8
Why should we need a comment for none? None should be the default where you need a comment to say anything else.
Palutena, Isaac, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Anna for SSB4
"I'm willing to bet money that Waluigi, Chrom and K. Rool are in this game" -DynasticAnthony

User Info: themanasword

4 years ago#9
Definitely Birdo.
No more Yoshi pallet-swap in MGWT!
Mario Kart DS - FC: 0476-3827-5695

User Info: MrSpacelySlate

4 years ago#10
Well, that's an easy one. The Waaster.

Wario needs his buddy and Luigi needs his rival.
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