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Chom moveset

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User Info: Gaming_Mastery

4 years ago#21
Dark Flier's Galeforce, not Falcon Knight, dammit!
Official Gaming_Mastery of the GameFAQs boards.

User Info: Hero_Of_Darknes

4 years ago#22
alien803 posted...
Up B- Critical Hit
Chrom jumps in a full half-circle through the air, sword above him, and then lands with his sword on the ground like Ike's side-smash. Ends when he hits the ground.

Side B- Aether
Chrom runs forward at amazing speed (think Ike's side-B), sword drawn. When he hits, he is healed by half the damage he inflicted, but the attack does very little knockback. Does not sink in the air and can be used with his up B to help recovery.

B- Axe throw
Chrom throws a hand axe. Hard to spam. Sometime's he'll throw a short axe instead, better then a hand axe.

Down B- Reverse hit or whatever.
Same as Ike and Marth.

The only thing im not sure about is the side b aether healing Chrom. This would make him broken. But the rest is good. IMO i rather have Lyn but that would take a miracle.
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User Info: DragonDeoxys

4 years ago#23
Gaming_Mastery posted...
Dark Flier's Galeforce, not Falcon Knight, dammit!

Oh ur rite.
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User Info: _Super_Shadow_

4 years ago#24
Doug314 posted...
Both would be horrible. Lucina is just another Marth clone so we wouldn't have any more unique FE movesets.

This is the worst argument against the character, because if you have played the game, you would know for a fact, that she learned her fight style from Chrom. Meaning That chrom would have to have the exact same moveset as marth by that logic. She plays incredibly differently. This is an uneducated argument against lucina, going solely on a surface level bias and misunderstanding of the character.

Lucina would be a great addition and is now my number 1 most wanted newcomer.
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User Info: Gaming_Mastery

4 years ago#25
Actually, Lucina only knows a couple of her father's moves. Most of the fighting style is her own and actually resemble's marth's fighting style more than Chrom's. Chrom, on the other hand, fights similarly to Ike, though neither of that should be reasons against their conclusion.
Official Gaming_Mastery of the GameFAQs boards.

User Info: SonicSpeed303

4 years ago#26
It doesn't matter whose fighting style is based on whose. If a character the devs want to include in Smash doesn't have a wide array moves they can draw from that character's game(s), they'll just make stuff up. It doesn't matter to them because Smash at the end of the day is all about the various Nintendo "All-Stars" -- which for this series is Chrom and Lucina at the moment.

User Info: GreatJallopi

4 years ago#27
I think Marth and Lucina can be there, as well as Chrom and Ike. And along with them Micaiah, Tharja, Eliwood, Hector, Lyn, Ephraim, Robin, Sumia, Anna, Roy, and the Black Knight.
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