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Save the characters! Game Part 2

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User Info: Celebity

4 years ago#221
Top 5 are 5 of my favorites. I am content.
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User Info: Luigifan141

4 years ago#222
Quoting this. Why? Just because. XD

XxWontonxX posted...

2nd Mewtwo
3rd Ike
4th: Olimar
5th Toon Link
6th: Donkey Kong
7th: Wolf
8th: Yoshi
9th: Pichu
10th: Roy
11th: Kirby
12th: Lucas
13th: King Dedede
14th: Zelda
15th: Jigglypuff
16th: Mario
17th: Pikachu
18th: Samus
19th: Ness
20th: Mr. Game & Watch
21st: Lucario
22nd: Young Link
23rd: Diddy Kong
24th: Sonic
25th: Luigi
26th: Pit
27th: Bowser
28th: Sheik
29th: Link
30th: Pokémon Trainer
31st: Captain Falcon
32nd: Wario
33rd: Ganondorf
34th: R.O.B.
35th: Peach
36th: Ice Climbers
37th: Zero Suit Samus
38th: Falco
39th: Dr. Mario
40th: Fox
41st: Meta Knight
42nd: Snake
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User Info: XxWontonxX

4 years ago#223
Luigifan141 posted...
alpha-ape posted...
Luigifan141 posted...
Hey guys, sorry about screwing up the list and my bad attitude last night. Anyway, it's cool that one of the Fire Emblem characters did manage to win in the end, and I'm glad that Olimar made it into the top 4. Aside from my bad mood towards the end, It was a blast from start to finish, and I would definitely participate in another Save the Character game if there was another one made here in the future!

I just started a Save the Character topic over at the Mario Kart Wii U boards, so if you want to participate in that, you can check it out here:

It's okay, I was pretty pissed sometimes, myself. Mostly because of Puff dying while I was sleeping or Pichu dying in a 6 second gap. I'll certainly participate in the Mario Kart Save the Characters, my new objective is getting Waluigi pretty far. Thanks to everyone for participating! I'll make a new one, maybe after E3 if there are certain characters shown. And with BOSSES. Dang, I'm suddenly inspired...

Yeah, I was just as disappointed as you were with Jiggs dying, since she's my second favorite character. But yeah, it's been a wild ride while it lasted, and I still had fun even with its faults. I would be down for another Save the Character with some confirmed SSB4 characters as well as some SSE bosses, but it won't be a while until then!

Thanks for making the original topic, btw. :D

Yes I would definitely participate in another one of these.
Palutena, Micaiah, Shulk, Chrom, Female Pokemon Trainer, Roy, Ashley, Mona, and Megaman for SSB4.
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