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How many new characters will there be?

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User Info: UberPyro64

4 years ago#21
xyzlactic posted...
UberPyro64 posted...
xyzlactic posted...
Why do people think there's only gonna be like 8. Or 10. Newcomers? That would be stupid. 15 to 20. Seems more realistic.

Lol I feel sorry for you as you will soon be disappointed.

Sakurai said 50 would be enough and Brawl had 39. I think a couple cuts will happen so 12 seems like the max we could get.

So add less newcomers then Meele? I highly doubt sakurai will have few newcomers

Yes, he very well could do that. He already said there wouldn't be that many newcomers. Melee had 14 newcomers but 5 of which were complete clones.
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User Info: RawstyleEevee

4 years ago#22
lowuw posted...
I think ROB and Lucario will be cut.

PT is in far more danger to get cut then Lucario, because Sakurai counts him as 3 characters & he alone makes room for 3 overall Newcomers
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  3. How many new characters will there be?

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