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Your Reaction: This is the Roster

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User Info: UberPyro64

4 years ago#21
ecylis posted...
It's complete garbage and not worth my money or time.

You're most likely going to be disappointed with the final roster.

wiiking96 posted...
Hey TC, how do you make rosters like that?

Roster Maker 4.0 is what Im using. 5.0 is available though.

Follow the directions and download this.

As for everyone else on Pokemon reps, I doubt we are actually getting that much, this is just a reaction topic. For this I wanted no cuts but still 2 new Pokemon reps like other games have had.

As for Fire Emblem, I really think Marth and Chrom will be in for sure. He is the main character while Lucinia isn't and Anna isn't major enough. And Ike being unique already makes him likelier then Roy. No other Fire Emblem characters is likely besides the four (Marth, Ike, Roy, Chrom).

I don't think a Golden Sun rep is all that likely either with the last entry doing so poor.

Ridley I think will stay as a boss. But you never know.

Star Fox hasn't had a game since 2006 and F-Zero since 2004. I seriously doubt we are getting a new rep for either series.

I tired to basically make it like my other roster but without cuts. That's basically it. Though I have sense taken out Bayonetta cause I'm not sure for who the 2nd newcomer will be if we get one. She is a candidate for sure but idk.
My SSB4 Roster:

User Info: victinivcreate1

4 years ago#22
Very likely actually and this would be my dream come true. Just get rid of Dillon and Bayonetta, add ridley and I would die of happiness.
Genesect, Mewtwo, Ridley, Shulk, Palutena, Megaman, Isaac, Saki, Toad, King K. Rool, Ghirahim, Roy, Little Mac, Megaman, and DLC for SSB4

User Info: ynni

4 years ago#23
Needs more Isaac. Otherwise it's pretty good.
*Insert witty line*
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