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No traditional conference at E3?!

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  3. No traditional conference at E3?!

User Info: StreetPasWantr

4 years ago#1

Looks like SSB4 will be announced in a Nintendo Direct near E3.
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User Info: UberPyro64

4 years ago#2
Well I guess not. But they will probably have a Nintendo Direct or two around then to show this stuff and then have it playable at E3.
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User Info: liveman789

4 years ago#3
It was announced 2 years ago.

User Info: -TheFranchise-

4 years ago#4
i think they had one nintendo direct that was maybe an hour long last year.
id like to see that again, dont have to deal with terrible actors and stage families
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User Info: ItsKaljinyuTime

4 years ago#5

I don't get it, this isn't the first time they've been without a new hardware system, is it? How are we supposed to get SSB4 info this time?

Confirmed and concise SSB4 info from Nintendo. Not grainy floor footage.

It's okay though, right? Was Brawl part of the E3 conference back in 2007? It was mostly footage from the floor at E 4 All, right? But no E3, and no DOJO... the hype is gonna be dead, at least compared to the games that ARE part of E3 conferences.

User Info: dedekong

4 years ago#6
Good, now we don't have to hear about console sales, and other PR crap. We get directly to the games, and that is that.

User Info: liveman789

4 years ago#7
People are overreacting in the wrong way. They're saying that they're having a conference, just a smaller one that's all about games. That's way better than the blah-blah-BS fest that every E3 conference has been for the last few years.

User Info: CanyouGuess

4 years ago#8
Wonder what this means for the trailer we're supposedly getting. The Wii U really needs something to be hyped about, and almost nothing is as good a hype machine as Smash Bros.
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User Info: SmallerRidley

4 years ago#9
They'll have the floor show and all the games, they'll have recorded broadcasts of what would've been their stage presentation in which they can have less awkwardness and more risky and controlled presentations, and they don't have to bore us with talking about their business strategy for 30 minutes.

Don't see the issue here.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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User Info: MetalKirbyPlush

4 years ago#10
That and Reggie gets to do less talking from the script and he's infinitely more fun when away from his boring script.
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