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No traditional conference at E3?!

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User Info: koopabros64

4 years ago#21
From: ItsKaljinyuTime | #005

I don't get it, this isn't the first time they've been without a new hardware system, is it? How are we supposed to get SSB4 info this time?

Confirmed and concise SSB4 info from Nintendo. Not grainy floor footage.

It's okay though, right? Was Brawl part of the E3 conference back in 2007? It was mostly footage from the floor at E 4 All, right? But no E3, and no DOJO... the hype is gonna be dead, at least compared to the games that ARE part of E3 conferences.

It wasn't. It came out of nowhere right before the end of E3, surprising everyone.
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User Info: NME_Enterprises

4 years ago#22
as already stated throughout this topic, this could very well be a good thing

i don't care about half the stuff in press conferences usually, so this just means i don't have to sit through one
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User Info: Jangobadass

4 years ago#23
What matters is that they'll be there. I'm more interested in information about the games in general than a lot of blabbity-blee-blah.

During most press conferences I'm thinking "get to the point already". Now I'll be able to think that less this year. I see that as a plus :)
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  3. No traditional conference at E3?!

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