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***Official Smash Bros Wii U Pre-Reveal Roster Prediction Contest***

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User Info: Nath1343

4 years ago#41

Lucario - I think he'll be replaced by Mewtwo in a role-reversal type thing.
Ike - Replaced by Chrom just as he replaced Roy.
Snake - Obscure guest character, can't see him coming back but I think Sonic will stay due to his ties to Nintendo and the Mario vs Sonic games.


Mewtwo - Will replace Lucario as either his original or new form, perhaps they'll be alt. costumes?
King K. Rool - A somewhat overdue addition to the roster, although he has fair competition from Dixie.
Ridley - Overdue, size isn't an issue.
Isaac - This is probably the least likely addition but the Golden Sun fanboy within me says that Isaac will be in, he's got a reasonable chance I feel.
Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles took the video game world by storm and I think Shulk is a very strong candidate.
Waluigi - Another Mario rep isn't out of the question and although I'd prefer Toad or Paper Mario, I think Waluigi being an assist trophy gives him some sort of priority and he'll probably play as a joke character which we all know Sakurai loves.
Palutena - Most likely addition in my opinion with Sakurai having developed Kid Icarus: Uprising, she's easily the next most important character after Pit.
Pac-Man - Namco rep, the most likely of any third-party characters in my opinion although I do think he has competition from a Tales character, most probably Lloyd.
Little Mac - Can't imagine this guy having the most interesting moveset but he's retro and pretty popular so I can't see why he doesn't have a good chance.
Chrom - The new Fire Emblem main protagonist will be close to a certainty I would have thought, and I have the feeling he'll replace Ike.
Mii - I'm not a fan of them in any conceivable way but I think it'll happen... ugh.
PSN: nath1343
Favourite games: Golden Sun, Xenoblade, Final Fantasy XII, inFamous, Bioshock, DKC3, Pokemon FR, Uncharted 3, Ni no Kuni, Brawl, Mario Kart Wii

User Info: UberPyro64

4 years ago#42
Oh yeah, I'm updating my roster to my new sig.
My SSB4 Roster:
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