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Make B movesets for characters with no chance!

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User Info: Sailor_Razor

4 years ago#1
The main reason for "no chance" would be that they've never been on a Nintendo console.

Valvatorez (Disgaea 4)

B - Bloody Hole. Damages everything nearby and heals you for a fraction of the damage dealt. Can be charged.

Side B - Impaler Prince. Make a large set of teeth chomp the area in front of you. Heals you for a fraction of damage dealt.

Up B - Batwing Cape. Valvatorez's cape turns into a pair of wings to propel him up. Not a floaty recovery like Pit or R.O.B, and spikes anyone hit by the wings when the capes extends at the start.

Down B - Counterattack. Enter a counter pose. You'll still take full damage from any attacks received, but you won't be knocked around, and the attack you return will do significant damage and knockback. Significantly more powerful in damage and knockback than the Fire Emblem Counter, to compensate for still getting hurt.

Final Smash - Tyrant Flughude. Summon an infernal demon to follow your order to present its vile soul. Deals damage to all other players using fast soundwaves. Can be dodged in the same manner as Tabuu's Off Waves, though it doesn't have the same (read: overpowered) potency of that attack. In addition, it fires five sound waves.

User Info: Milla_Maxwell

4 years ago#2
Master Chief (Halo Series)

B - Spartan Laser; charges up for a few seconds and launches a powerful laser in a straight line, (if it's not charged fully nothing happens.)

Up B - Jetpack; Chief engages his Jetpack and can be freely controlled in the air for about 3 seconds.

Down B - Bubble Shield; Chief drops a bubble shield at his feet that reflects all projectiles from the outside AND inside, (it stays on the map for 5 seconds and can be used by anyone during this time)

Side B - Gravity Hammer; Chief smashes the air in front of him dealing heavy knockback (the closer the character, the greater the knockback,) if timed correctly it can deflect projectiles (similar to Mario's Cape.)

Final Smash - Phantom; one of the Arbiter's Covenant Separatist Phantoms flies onto the stage, dispatching Grunts, Elites and the Arbiter onto the Stage as they ruthlessly hunt down the other characters, with Fuel Rod Guns & Energy Swords.
"Wherever I may live, I remain the same person. Nothing will change." - Milla Maxwell.
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  3. Make B movesets for characters with no chance!

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