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Who's the worst character on this roster?

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  3. Who's the worst character on this roster?

User Info: ben10pokemon79

4 years ago#1
Phoenix Wright
Harry Potter
Alex Kidd
Darth Vader
Heihachi Mishima
SpongeBob SquarePants
Lady Gaga
Ben 10
Ryu Hayabusa
The Bombastic Bagman
Akira Yuki
Master Chief
Max Payne
Indiana Jones
Jack Sparrow

NOTE: This roster was built to be awful. I would not choose for this to be the game's roster, even if I did want to see Lady Gaga fight Darth Vader(Lady Gaga, I am your father...)
"Losing's not my style."
Gambit, X-Men Next Dimension

User Info: VioletZer0

4 years ago#2
If we're going by worst character in a roster meant to be terrible, then the double negative cancels itself out.

Thus, Phoenix Wright.

User Info: Doug314

4 years ago#3
Yeah, if they're worse and it's intended to be bad, then the "worst" is actually the least bad since they don't deserve to be on a worst roster if they're not bad enough. Crono is probably the one that best meets this description, or maybe Siegfried since I don't have too many problems with him, either.
Palutena, Isaac, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Anna for SSB4
"I'm willing to bet money that Waluigi, Chrom and K. Rool are in this game" -DynasticAnthony

User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#4
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  3. Who's the worst character on this roster?

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