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You know what this whole Pacman debate reminds me of?

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  3. You know what this whole Pacman debate reminds me of?

User Info: Gamer09e

4 years ago#71
Limelight788 posted...
Wasn't his character bio a description of the Megaman Legends version of Megaman... you know that game that they cancelled the third installment of while taking a huge s*** on the fanbase.

Whether Inafune suggested it or not, by the time of completion, they were definitely using it to troll.

The bio description was only added there as a joke that the fans would laugh at. The only reason why fans even take it offensively is because of Legends 3's cancellation, which is not related to Bad Box Mega Man's bio description. Had Legends 3's not been cancelled (and it wasn't just because Capcom wanted to **** on the fans), almost no one would be taking offense.

Since we really haven't heard anything about the game (outside of namco co working on it). and we probably won't since the week of E3 it shouldn't be taken as point worth noting towards any characters, Namco wouldn't hint at any character this early in the game production, we haven't heard anything from sakurai himself only other producers saying that they would like said character in the game.....

I don't see how someone from Namco stating they want Pac-Man would hint at him being playable in the next game. All it would indicate that someone would be interested from Namco. It's not like they're leaking that they're going to get Pac-Man in.

But see namco hasn't said anything at all worth noting, to you no info means no includsion which doesn't really hold well when you take to account that we haven't heard anything from both parties regarding the game. Where in this does this mean no pacman is beyond me, i look at it this way, is pacman 100% confirmed NO not even close but does it help his chances that the company he represents is co helping the game, Yes. Namco has pretty to have love for their mascot and tend to include him if possible into some of their crossovers, im sure sakurai is well aware of who pacman is and his connection to Nintendo so i'd doubt sakurai would not hear them out if they brought it to his attention. i'd say he has a 50/50 chance of appearing either sakurai includes him or he doesn't.
Elektra for UMvC 3 and Pac man for SSBWIIU
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  3. You know what this whole Pacman debate reminds me of?

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