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Item roster.

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User Info: Littlejeffery

4 years ago#1
Mario series:

Blue shells- this item chooses the opponent with the most amount of k.o's (if YOU have the most amount of k.o's, then the blue shell chooses another opponent with the second most amount of k.o.'s) and follows them. After a short amount of time, the blue shell will crash down on your opponent which will damage any other opponent caught in its blast radius and instantly k.o them if their damage percentage is high enough.

Hammer Bros suit: collecting the Hammer Bros suit replaces every character's neutral "B" move with the hammer throw. You can throw up to 5 hammers at a time and they do a decent amount of damage. You lose the Hammer Bros suit if you get k.o'd.

Warp whistle- a small flute will appear on the stage and if players collect it, then a tornado will fly pass the stage. The tornado is very easy to dodge, but if anyone gets caught in it, then the tornado will carry you off the stage which will result in an instant k.o. The warp whistle can only be used ONCE and after that, you will have to wait until the item reappears again.

Donkey Kong series:

Rambi the Rhinoceros: collecting Rambi will let characters ride on top of him. While on top of Rambi, characters can perform a ram attack by pressing "> B". Rambi does a decent amount of damage and can instantly k.o characters if they have a high enough damage percent. Characters can get knocked off of Rambi so that other characters can hijack him for themselves. You will permanently lose Rambi if he gets hit with ANY fire attacks and you will have to wait until the item reappears so you can use him again.

Squawk the Parrot: collecting Squawk will have him following the character until he/she/it falls or gets knocked off of the stage. If the character collected Squawk before falling or getting knocked off of the stage, then Squawk will carry the character safely back onto the stage (Squawk will only do this ONCE, after that players wll have to wait until the item reappears). The character will remain invincible until Squawk has safely carried the character back onto the stage.

Metroid series:

Gunship summon- a small icon of Samus' gunship will appear and if players collect it, then Samus' gunship will run through the stage while using its missiles. The gunship will make three runs through the stage before disappearing.

These are all of the items that I can think of for now. What items do you want to appear in this game and please describe how said item will work.
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