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Your Reaction: Smash Bros. 4 gets cancelled...

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User Info: StreetPasWantr

4 years ago#11
NutOfDeath is my slave. I'm also a Viewtiful Gene poser.
Nintendo E3 2013 Countdown:

User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#12
XxWontonxX posted...
The ****?
Official Houndoom of the Pokemon XY boards.

User Info: Nath1343

4 years ago#13
Wedgie's body is ready.
PSN: nath1343
Isaac, Shulk, Toad and Pac-Man for Super Smash Bros 4!

User Info: Captain_Fetish

4 years ago#14
Fetish Kick!
Chun-Li: (steps on you)

User Info: Mercumy

4 years ago#15
I'm not even sure.
You fail to understand the incatries of Dorritos! It,s (X=340)x34[45+325]

User Info: SSBCandidates

4 years ago#16
Nintendo is done for.

User Info: EarthLord_CJ

4 years ago#17
My body is Wedgied.
"Don't wanna know...where the sinners go..."

User Info: wellington

4 years ago#18
newxo5678 posted...
just leave please
calling all chess fans

User Info: Allaudeen

4 years ago#19
YetAnothrShadow posted...
Guess I'm selling this Wii U.

What Wii U?
Need a signature :)

User Info: DarkHeroRaven

4 years ago#20
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  3. Your Reaction: Smash Bros. 4 gets cancelled...

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