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Sakurai needs to step down.

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User Info: Spikaya

4 years ago#21
dragonfruit152 posted...
He does need to step down he keeps preventing Dixie being playable!

TSON!Anna x Me x My Desk
Ya know, after all the random things I've said, people would start using them in signatures. - azn_boy150

User Info: Blingya25

4 years ago#22
I don't hate the Kirby characters, because I would want to see Magolor and Smash Ultimate - Magolor Soul as he is just bombin'!!

But i do have to say that the Kirby characters got a little of favoritism with them. I can understand Mario being favored, because well... he's The Plumber, but all characters should at least be "balanced".

If not balanced... make Kirby characters OP so they can beat down Star Fox Characters because SF characters seems to be OP period. And I love SF Characters a lot.
That's how goddamminity damn good that god damn game is. - AC (GCN)

User Info: Jangobadass

4 years ago#23
AwesomeAshley posted...
Jangobadass posted...
AwesomeAshley posted...
KroganBallEater posted...
there wasn't really a main character in SSE, all the roles were pretty equal.

Heh! Wait 'til the Ice Climbers hear this!

Not to mention Sonic, ROB, Game & Watch, and even Olimar and Yoshi (they didn't really do very much)...

ROB and Game&Watch were half the plot, of all people...

Funny, I don't see it that way. ROB did (a lot) more as the Ancient Minister than as himself. After it was revealed that AM was the lead ROB (or whatever was going on) he just sort of disappeared from the plot. And G&W only got a small number of scenes that were a series of Big Lipped Alligator Moments, let alone played a role.
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  3. Sakurai needs to step down.

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