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The Most Unexpected Roster Ever.

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User Info: xgiraffes13x

4 years ago#1
+James McCloud replaces Fox.
+Krystal replaces Falco.
+Dixie Kong replaces Diddy Kong.
+Toon Zelda/Tetra replaces Zelda/Sheik
+Snake replaced with Cooking Mama.

Additions include DIHSO, Baby Mario, Epona, Dark Samus, Medusa, Tom Nook, Chibi Robo, Jody Summer, Pulseman and Pacman.

Your unexpected reaction?
My Dream SSB4 Roster -
23 days until E3! *fangirls*

User Info: AlWikowonkavitz

4 years ago#2
I'd love it for Pulseman, but not a whole lot else.
AlWikowonkavitz is himself.

User Info: Biased_Gamer

4 years ago#3
Pfft! You should see MY roster. :P
WOW! This game is good! ^_^ ...
Gabumon: Although, I may be biased.

User Info: Michaeloll

4 years ago#4
yay DIHSO!

but really? another mario clone? baby peach > that mario clone baby mario

and where is my honey queen?

User Info: AirBorneCoffeeT

4 years ago#5
Epona would be fun. : )
"What are you waiting for, Mr. Howel? Start talking into a fish!"
-The Skipper (Early B & W episode of Gilligan's Island)

User Info: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33

4 years ago#6
Where the heck is Jinjo?
"I'm not sick of Nintendo making good games. Just like I'm not sick of pizza, sex, and Doctor Who." - BlackWizardMagus

User Info: SmallerRidley

4 years ago#7
From: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33 | #006
Where the heck is Jinjo?

Everyone expects Jinjo.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. In NGE, Doritos are perishable goods.

User Info: Lucario_Uchiha

4 years ago#8
where is Ludicolo?
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