Dragons Crown PSN ID's

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User Info: Horntown21

4 years ago#61
Horntownlegacy is mine psn! please add
(Random girl) Why do they call you Horntown?
(Me) I don't know, why do they call you random girl?

User Info: will57

4 years ago#62
PSN: will57ishere

Although I most likely won't get the game till a week after release due to shipping (I like free shipping).
Currently waiting the release of The Guided Fate Paradox (Fall), Disgaea D2 (Fall), Dragon's Crown (August) and Time and Eternity (July)

User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#63
Psn is Jsx0000

I want to play with cooperative people, not looking to rush through and would also
like to help others.

Ill be playing with the Knight and the Archer.
Im 30, have a mic and keyboard.
Play mostly on weekends, rarely on weekdays if I have time.

User Info: fonizel

4 years ago#64
psn crim73
if you stick with the moves you learned in class, you will die
Sword Master, Afro Samurai

User Info: Setsuei

4 years ago#65
PSN is Setsuei

Mostlikely will mainly be playing on weekends, but I'll have a bit of time, say 3-4 hours to play at night on the weekdays(eastern time) Will mostlikely be streaming my gameplay as well.

User Info: EtroAnime

4 years ago#66

You can add me as well, my playtimes are will but for a game like this I will probably play at nights and maybe weekends.
Far gone in Deep Space Ignition.
PSN ID: Rammel29

User Info: rpgfayth

4 years ago#67
I'm planning to get both version but I will get the console version 1st.

PSN Loosen018
PSN: loosen018/Steam id: Puppetkid/Nintendo id: khuletz
I like muffin!

User Info: cuddlepoo

4 years ago#68
PS3: cuddledove
gamertag & nnid: cuddlepoo
3DS FC: 4940-5851-3830 & psn: cuddledove

User Info: leviathan SP

leviathan SP
4 years ago#69

SO pumped for this game!
Complaining that Bill Clinton's speech lasted too long would be like complaining that an orgasm lasted too long.
-Magus1947, 2012 DNC speech

User Info: Maddog231

4 years ago#70
Ps3 day one !!! Psvita on my birthday in August !! MadDOG231psn!! Holla!!
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