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User Info: Lacrymosa143

4 years ago#21
does iron will stop draining at some point?

User Info: ShadowOutRuns

4 years ago#22
Zenlightened posted...
If Brandish, why not Punisher?

Punisher is the English name of Overlap which is in Japanese
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User Info: vega2505

4 years ago#23
Stopped at 'conpilation''s compilation...if you can't even use the spellchecker on this site, then I don't have much faith in your ability to play this game and recommend builds...
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User Info: Pots_Togo

4 years ago#24
Dammit I had hoped my build was original. Oh well at least my gamers instinct is still uo to par

User Info: Gen2000

4 years ago#25
Think I'm starting to settle down with my Amazon Build
lv.85 Amazon, beat Normal @ lv.29, Hard @ lv.56, Infernal @ lv.77, working my way down LoC.
Using this:

Stun Wave Lv7(Max)
Deadly Revolution Lv7(Max)
Punisher Lv3(Max)
Brandish Lv5(Max)
Beserk Lv10(Max)
Adrenaline Lv7(Max)
War Paint Lv3(Max)
Incite Rage Lv3(Max)
Nutritionist Lv1
Adroit Hands Lv7(Max)
Deep Pockets Lv3(Max)

That's 141 SP, 13 left over so still undecided on remaining points.

I've been testing out some maxed skills to get a better feel and idea of them using hard reset/extra save slots. Some reasons why I choose what I did.

- Deadly Revolution, Punisher, Brandish, Berserk, War Paint. This is pretty much the defined Big 5 for Amazon, not only are the skills cheap but they benefit Amazon as greatly as soon as you put points in them so they are great for low-mid game leveling up progress. Punisher and War Paint are damage increase buffs with no gimmicks. More spins of Deadly Revolution and Brandish are big DPS boost each time an extra one is available to you.

- Incite Rage, Adrenaline. Adrenaline doesn't really benefit you until you get can Lv.3 Incite Rage at lv.34 it seems to get its instant damage boost on demand. Until then Attack Potion, manually building Berserk, and using War Paint is good for the low level phase through Normal and some of Hard for Boss HP melting. At lv.34 having 22 reserved SP gets you the great Adrenaline + Incite Rage instant damage big buff for faster Boss HP melting. Stacking with War Paint then using Brandish I-frames and combination of just knowing boss patterns you can get a lot of mileage on this on most of them, some may required backup from Sorceress Protection spell to pull more smoothly.

- Stun Wave. This is another skill you can ignore for a while because the range increase is quite poor unless maxed. You can max it at around lv.42 if you wanted to. Maxed Stun Wave I felt really balanced out Amazon, when you don't want to spin2win you can just chill at the edge of the screen and do Double (Reppuken) Stun Wave via Evade Canceling. It's a full screen projectile and damage is not that bad for making Amazon a temp range character. If you have status effects on your weapon they proc off it too, something like Freeze procs a lot and makes for decent crowd control in hectic situations.

- Maxed Adroit Hands. this is so you can go from Incite Rage into War Paint faster so it's sort of another DPS boosting skill. Potions already have very low cooldown time but Skill Slot abilities takes a while to cooldown after using. With this Skill maxed you can do Attack Potion M or L (60+ seconds), use Incite Rage+Adrenaline combo then War Paint to bring forth major pain in a burst on a boss. Pop Attack Potion as soon as you enter the boss room.

- Deep Pockets. more slots equal more room for DMG/CRIT/LUC/etc+ gear to stack together, room to storage an extra weapon if you want, room for Attack and Heal Potions. Just improvements all around for Amazon's offensive options.
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User Info: Gen2000

4 years ago#26
Some other skills I messed around and just didn't feel much in the end or still iffy and still need to use my remaining skill points somewhere.
- Neck Breaker, the damage isn't bad but the inability to Evade Cancel it just kills it for me.

- Slide Attack, the knockback rating is 100% at max which was a major tempting point for me but what they don't mention is that it only happens at the end of the attack (which is apparently a multi-hit attack for Amazon). I figured it would make for a good opener on more annoying mobs like blue aura skeletons, orange lizardman, black goblins, etc but it just gets your face wrecked in before the knockback effect takes place. Maxed Stun Wave or Brandish handles situations involving heavy amount of those guys much better.

- Parry, blocking normally is actually pretty strong defense option for Amazon. I figure Parry would be more of instant button push type skill but it's a weird hold button type deal. For bosses solo you can some milage out of this because some have very predictable attack patterns but when things become a cluster **** in multiplayer the skill instantly becomes useless. Maybe I just put 1 here regardless.

- Iron Will, you take only 10 damage from attacks but you lose 25HP (or at least my Amazon did, maybe HP lost is based off % of HP total?) every second. I thought I could offset this with the Health Regen Potion but that only recovers 10HP itself. This skill still up for consideration by me though, the idea of armoring up and going ham is too good but Iron Will at the moment I feel kills me faster than most enemies.

- Brutal Drive damage is not bad (in fact pretty amazing done up very close) but I felt Maxed Stun Wave covered my alternative damage options much better, for less skill points. I may throw my remaining points into this anyways though (which would get me lv.7 BD) just because it's a nice opener still and with double weapon equip trick I can go back to Stun Wave/Brandish spam afterwards.

- Wealth to Health, Money is Power. Coins are everywhere but I felt the small HP it gives even maxed out isn't making or breaking your survivability if you're depending on it. Morgan eventually starts selling potions in double digits (10-30+). From what I can see getting coins at max HP doesn't make you go over your HP limit like eating food either so that's another downer. MiP, I found just Praying before a Chain Run already fast enough leveling.

- Maintenanace,

Vitality Boost, Nutritionist. With my remaining points I can only get Vitality Boost to lv.7 (+120), not sure of a difference that really makes against enemy/boss attacks that actually matters. Nutritionist already good 1 point wonder skill but using my remaining points it may be the best survivability boost option left overall for normal mob trashing pre-boss time because of the going over HP limit from eating meaning more use out of all the food found in dungeons or being BFF with Create Food Sorceress players.

- Evasion, I can max this out with my remaining points. After some testing I found I could only do Stun Wave or FOOT DIVE twice in a row no matter how many extra evades I had though. I may just throw 2 points for lv.1 Evasion or just ignore it all together. The extra evading does help with vertical plane shifting mobility though.

Sorry no TL:DR version.
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User Info: 25mg

4 years ago#27
Gen2000 posted...

- Evasion, I can max this out with my remaining points. After some testing I found I could only do Stun Wave or FOOT DIVE twice in a row no matter how many extra evades I had though. I may just throw 2 points for lv.1 Evasion or just ignore it all together. The extra evading does help with vertical plane shifting mobility though.

Sorry no TL:DR version.

You can do up to five. You do the first two with evade canceling, then for the next two, you have to jump after your third evade cancel in order to reset your actions in the air. Then you jump after the fourth evade cancel for the fifth, but it'll cut off your evasion options entirely if you commit to the fifth.

User Info: Gen2000

4 years ago#28
Ah sweet! Thanks for that. I got it working now. Very nice results. Now my remaining points decision got a little harder now, heh.
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User Info: Jeannie13

4 years ago#29
It's actually 155. You start with 1 SP.

Someone posted a calculator and here's what I came up with:

Stun Wave = 7/7
Neck Splitter = 3/10
Deadly Revolution = 6/7
Brutal Drive = 10/10
Punisher = 3/3
Brandish = 5/5
Berserk = 10/10
Adrenaline = 2/7
War Paint = 3/3

nutritionist = 2/5
Vitality Boost = 10/10
Evasion = 3/3

Nutritionist as a requirement to max Vitality Boost.
Adrenaline is the same, to be able to max out Berserk.

Though now I'm actually starting to rethink Neck Splitter, I keep forgetting I have it.

Also, Vitality Boost, if Amazon at level 99 has more than 999 HP with +200 HP, obviously there's no need to max it out.
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User Info: Gen2000

4 years ago#30
According to 4gamer wiki Amazon has 500HP at lv.99. I've been following the stats per level and it's been accurate so far.

Sometimes HP+ affixes are on items too, usually most Srank Gear.
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