Level 99 Bones

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User Info: DommyBlack

4 years ago#1
Where the hell are you guys getting these? xD I spent most of Tues, all day yesterday, and all day today playing online and I haven't come across any bones with Japanese text(which people say are usually level 99) or any bones that are level 99. And I pick up every pile I see. Man, I must just be unlucky.

User Info: redd530

4 years ago#2
You must play with a Lv99 player to get their bones.

User Info: suzukimatsui

4 years ago#3
Ok so you just play with them and then when they leave you should get their bones automatically?

User Info: LordKarasuman

4 years ago#4
I'm not sure, but playing with them once or twice will cause them to start popping up amongst the Bones that spawn for you in-game.
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User Info: suzukimatsui

4 years ago#5
Ok that's good to know at least, since the archetypes will at least be more unique than most of the regular spawned bones

User Info: BansheeNTDmode

4 years ago#6
You have to join a lvl 99 players game and then pick up the bone within their game. Usually you will get a copy of the character what that lvl 99 player is using.
I got 30 lvl 99 bones and im only lvl 35

User Info: AxeQs

4 years ago#7
I just made a new post about this warning players to not bury lvl99 bones because the items you get can corrupt your save file.

Be careful!

User Info: rinchan

4 years ago#8
Not specifically lvl 99. I think you happened to get the bones of someone who hacked his/her game. Can be any level. :( Just hope not to get the bad item when you bury their bones. Maybe have a full inventory when you try? I wonder if Atlus tech support can help.
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