How do I animate statues using rune magic?

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User Info: gmoshier

4 years ago#1
I'm currently stuck on the quest where I am suppose to animate my own Golem in order to get past the enemy Golem that is blocking my path. How do I do this? I am constantly being attacked by those annoying creatures too. My whole party dies without even making a scratch on the enemy Golem.
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User Info: 1000_Needles

4 years ago#2
next to the second golem you pass in that hallway there are two runes that look like an L and an F. click them and a 3rd rune will appear under your character. click that and the golem will spring to life.
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User Info: NinjaStatu5

4 years ago#3
When you first enter the room where you fight the enemy golem, you will see two statues near the entrance where you came from. After the second statue you should see letters (or runes) in the background near it, click on those and then click on the one you have. After doing this, the golem should start to animate and begin walking. Lead it to the enemy golem and take care of the smaller enemies so your golem survives long enough to finish the job. Sorry if I confused you, I'm horrible at explaining things to people XD
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  3. How do I animate statues using rune magic?

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