Night Play Addiction

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User Info: boydude77

6 years ago#21
That would be cool but extremely unfair.
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User Info: ninto55

6 years ago#22
First of all, lol at the topic. Night Play Addiction? I came in thinking TC would say a Night Play mode would be great and very addicting. Erm... anyway

There is this topic I read today on the NPC Pikmin 2 board that is archieved now, it starts off as just a basic Pikmin 3 idea topic, but got some pretty good ideas. I chipped in my own ideas by making another topic which is easily found by going to the NPC Pikmin 2 board (Or I could link it... ) Although my topic kind of goes on with my ideas in 3 posts all at once, I kind of rambled there, so I don't expect many people to read it all the way through. But it had my idea for a Pikmin 3 story and Olimar's Son being the player during night time sections. If you don't want to read one kid's (Me) rambling thoughts of over 8000 letters (Should have put about another 1000 letters, damn!) atleast read the first topic. Its a good read full of good ideas.
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User Info: Varsityboy9

6 years ago#23
I think night play could work. Certain "collectibles" whatever we are gathering in this game are on the map during the day, and some appear at night. Different color pikmin for each day could work as well.
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User Info: fawful_X

6 years ago#24
Night Play COULD work, but it could also flunk. I have a few ideas about it, too, but they could easily be seen as "useless," too.

-Enemy activity change
This is pretty simple. Simply put, any creature that would start asleep would be awake and vice versa, but the "burrowing" enemies would not be affected by this, and some enemies might even dissapear.

-Pikmin use alterations
Now, in order to keep a day timer, All of the 5 "old" Pikmin would be killed by night foes if they are "in danger," but the ToD would go to night over the world map. Now, when you go somewhere, your Pikmin selection would change, such as Bright Green Pikmin that work like their day cousins, the red Pikmin.
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User Info: KFCofDOOM

6 years ago#25
I think Night Play would be GREAT with all of these new, nocturnal creatures.

Problem is, the timer would be GONE. One way to fix this is to have Pikmin that go in the night or in caves ONLY [Bulbmin, Pikmin 2, Invincible to all elements, but eat/crush-able], like a black ninja pikmin, some pink...weird ones i guess... or some brown ones [like carpenders, mabye?] but no Daytime pikmin (All of the rest. reds, blue, yellow, white, purple).

Addiction? You mean addition? It would be addicting...
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