Top 5 Most Rediculous New Pikmin Ideas

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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

6 years ago#1
I've heard several terrible ideas for new pikmin colors, but some just make me want to shove the SSBB board's troll topic percentages up the ass. It's junk! So here, go ahead and release your rage by posting the top five worst new color ideas you've heard, where you found them and why they suck! (Make it constructive, so this doesn't get marked as just another troll topic.)

5. Ghost Pikmin - Youtube Video
These pikmin arise from the souls of lost pikmin! Normal enemies can't touch them, and they can possess them as well! (For a limited amount of time.)

Okay, that's even more broken then the last. Seriously? Pikmin just doesn't work that way.

4. Patternmin - GameFAQS Topic
These polka-dot pikmin have the ability to camoflague themselves!
Okay, no. Not only does that sound like an army of barfmin when grouped together, but it doesn't add anything new to the game, either.

3rd Place: Orange Pikmin - Youtube Video

These pikmin have the ability to carry 30 times the weight a normal pikmin do! Better yet, they can kill any enemy in one if aimed correctly!

Broken much? Oh, and just so you know, the new color doesn`t need to sound like Reds and Yellow having love children.

2nd Place: Invisipikmin - My own brother

These new -----------

No. I can't take it. This pikmin idea had so many different abilities and hinderances that... what was it? Something like having the ability to turn pikmin invisible, with each color having a different effect once granted invisibility and the pikmin had to eat a fruit of some sort to return to normal or Olimar would lose them because they can't hear his whistle and there were also fake versions of the fruit that killed them and if an enemy ate one... GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

1st Place: Soda Pikmin

These pikmin have no ability... except when they drink soda! They get invurnurability to all elements! And 100 times the strength! Lasting time depends on soda type:

Pepsi: 30 sec.
Dr. Pepper: 120 sec. (2 min.)
Mountain Dew: 5 min.

Needs no criticism. Not worth my words.
I drink my soda in a wine glass.

User Info: ninto55

6 years ago#2
Some Pikmin ideas are just awful and make no sence to the game or a just broken creatins made by children who think it would be 'cool' or 'awesome' And for that matter why the hell does Mountain Dew give them 5 minutes? Where the hell is the Root Beer? Root Beer > Mountain Dew! Well back to actual thought, some Pikmin ideas are just garbage, like my friends had this 'awesome' idea of Green pikmin being able to control trees. That dosen't even make any sence, but I probably told them it was a good idea, and I hope I didn't really mean it, but I don't remember anymore. Some Pikmin ideas sound like crap but actually are pretty good when something is added. One topic I read on the Pikmin 2 NPC (Allready linked it on this board today so I don't feel like doing it again) had an idea for Nocturnal Pikmin only available during Night Time mode, which their idea said it would be played with only 1 captain instead of 2. One of these Nocturnal Pikmin was the green pikmin which would copy the form of the Captain being used at night time (Only 1 at a time, and they weren't sure how to pick which pikmin having ideas of it beind either random, by selection of the map, or by touching them in game manually, I prefer the last one and you'll see why). They would be able to control pikmin and survive any hazard the captain could survive. They had health like the captain but not quite as much. Now this is honestly very very very very very stupid. Until one poster said something along the lines of

"What if we could throw the copied version of the captain so he could get to places normally only Pikmin could reach?"

That opens up so many possibilities, mainly having an entire new path available that only the night pikmin lead by a green copy pikmin could take, but these copy captain would have less health and would be at a threat of dying faster, causing all the Pikmin sent up with him to have goen to waste. Some ideas could be taken either way, this one could be seen as dumb to some, but I always think of it like this, 1.) Will it add anything new to the strategy of the game? Will this Pikmin make me have to play differently? And 2.) Will it get in the way of the old Pikmin? If a pikmin is just a combination of two it makes the old pikmin useless and ruins the gameplay.
Isn't that just romantic of me?<3
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User Info: Sid3wind3r12

6 years ago#3
So.. whose idea was the Soda Pikmin?
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User Info: TNintendominate

6 years ago#4
Dear lord, those are some fracking stupid ideas. Laughably stupid, really.
---A wise man once told me that the secret to a long life is to keep breathing as long as possible.---

User Info: RetroYoshi4191

6 years ago#5
Well, if you really want to know about the Soda Pikmin's creator...

Two weeks ago I got a call all the way from New York. I decided to answer for ****s and giggles, and when I opened the line, I heard, "Okay, so back onto the ideas for Soda Pikmin... wait... oh, that? My battery just died. I got a new one. Sorry for that. Anyway..." And the guy started explaining the Soda Pikmin. I could tell the soda's lasting time was based clearly off his personal preference of them, because out of the 5 or so I didn't include, Root Beer lasted 12 seconds and Cherry Coke lasted until you disbanded the pikmin from the group. (Had I had my way, Dr. Pepper would last that long. Root Beer would last about 3 minutes.) I listened to him babble on, and eventualy, he started up about the carnage he saw on World Of Warcraft, and right there I just HAD to speak up and say, 'Dude... you realize you got the wrong number, right? Then the guy hung up.

I could not track the call to a more direct source. I could not recall his voice. It was like one of those movies where some government offical takes a call and can't find anything at all about the caller.

Creepy, yes, but one of the most hilarious thins that ever happened to me.
I drink my soda in a wine glass.

User Info: TNintendominate

6 years ago#6
^Best wrong number ever.
---A wise man once told me that the secret to a long life is to keep breathing as long as possible.---

User Info: Labinsky

6 years ago#7
Hey ninto, I think I was the person who said the thing you were quoting :P. And in defense of the person who suggested the green pikmin, we were both just tossing ideas around at that point, not really thinking them through. Anyway, here's one of the worst ideas I've seen:

Green and pink pikmin. Greens have elemental resistances of blues and yellows; pink have resistances of reds and whites (but not the other abilities of both). There was an explanation for this strangeness, but it didn't really help.

Oh yeah, and the source for that reprehensible idea: myself, I am ashamed to say.
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User Info: TNintendominate

6 years ago#8
xD I got my sig from a birthday card my wiseass friend gave me.
---A wise man once told me that the secret to a long life is to keep breathing as long as possible.---

User Info: KirbyWithAGun

6 years ago#9
Id say Green pikmin being camoflauged be neat, but the game does not need to be tatical like that to begin with... so no need for that type of pikmin :/ (though pokadotted pikmin is just ridiculous... sounds like a bulborb and pikmin had babies)
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User Info: boydude77

6 years ago#10
When I was young and immature, I thought of the idea of having a Brown Pikmin Candypop Flower made for the sole purpose of killing the Smoky Progg without losing any Pikmin having them be accustomed to toxic Waste which the Smoky Progg leaves a trail of.
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