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User Info: Sparx401

6 years ago#11
I agree. Some people complain that the Wii U controller was like an iPad rip-off, but in reality, that's a good move. It expands what could be done with games, and honestly, tablets are the "in" thing right now, so playing Nintendo's target audience up with that is, to me, a good business move. It would do wonders for the RPG, RTS, and shooters (well, primarily due to the dual analog again along with four trigger buttons).

I even heard the dev kits use a similar coding structure to the 360 and PS3, so third-party developers will have an easy transition phase when porting 360/PS3 games over, as well as any new/exclusive titles they may want to publish. Makes me wonder if that will also attract the Indie game developer crowd.

Back on the topic of Pikmin though, I find making manual paths instead of static path-finding algorithms for pikmin to traverse would be dynamic and could expand the game in an organic and natural manner (no pun intended) that's conducive to the controller, but wouldn't be tacked on like certain Wii games were with motion control. It's a shame though, my Pikmin 3 document was created almost a year before the Wii U was announced, and I'm "too far in" to make any feasible changes to accommodate the controller / touch screen.
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