Any ideas for new types of pikmin?

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User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#21
PKRolling343 posted...
Greens would have their special glider leaves/buds/flowers which would act differently depending on which one they had. Leaves would look like hangliders. Buds would look like balloons. Flowers would look like propellers. They could glide for longer distances depending on which one they had.

I love this idea. It sounds a little goofy, yet appropriate for Pikmin.

Skyblues would have icey horns.

I love this idea as well.

Oranges would have tails shaped like fuses.

Basically he'd be a charmander with a plant sprouting out of his head? I love it.

Also, Yellows can now generate electricity that can power up old machines.

Not a bad idea... maybe some kind of puzzles that involve building circuits and stuff? Line up yellows so you can get power from one place to another?

Reds can light things on fire.

I like this idea... but it sounds OP in combat.

Blues can go diving for treasure in deep water.

Initially I responded to this with just "No", but I thought about it more and realized there's some potential here. What if there was a flooded cave at the bottom of a lake? You go in with only blues, the cave has unique enemies in it, and the physics are a little different. Everyone moves a little slower, pikmin can be thrown higher/further, and they fall slower. This could be a really sweet idea.
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  3. Any ideas for new types of pikmin?

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