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User Info: KirbyWithAGun

6 years ago#11
Yellowstone2012 posted...

I think the main problem with the monsters were their AI. The AI should be pretty tough this time around; since IBM is giving Wii U Watson's CPU. (CPU that beat humans on Jeopardy) Also, because the Wii U is so powerful, there will be more power for more monsters on screen.

I would want monsters that can strategicly plan out attacks and ambushes like try to tempt you to chase a loan monster or something to have a bunch all of a sudden surround you. I would also like random events that happen once a day.

1 event could be that the weird things that make cocoons are covering up the berries and pellets. Another could be the hunting bulborbs are in the area and are in big packs. Another could be the landing zone is covered in several worms and underground baddies. Perhaps a more exciting event would be tons of difficult bulborbs comes rushing towards the onions. You would lose a lot of pikmin, but you would be able to harvest several bodies to get them back (this would make the game so much fun being that the best part of the game is either getting something or killing monsters)

If the monsters were to be more vicious, be more of them, and smarter with wolf pack strategies, purples will be fine. I think the stunning should not keep them stunned as long, just make them slightly confused like they were about to attack, but then they changed their mind and sorta backed off to rethink the situation.
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