I just bought Pikmin 1 & 2 for 35$ from a video dealer a week ago.

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  3. I just bought Pikmin 1 & 2 for 35$ from a video dealer a week ago.

User Info: RJP_X

5 years ago#31
I try not to let my judgment on atmosphere ruin my plan on trying to get my way through a critically acclaimed game. I'm not to big of a fan on games set in a war setting, but I played through the MGS games and the way they explain their own version on how such and such happened at a point in time makes me want more. XD

The only two series I'm not tolerable of are Animal Crossing, Monster Hunters, and Pokemon. I use to be big into Pokemon, I have every game up to Diamond, but, that is the one series I kind of just grew apart from. I'm not a fan at all of AC or MH, I just cant get into that type of game play at all. Then again, maybe 5 years from now that could change, I've found myself picking up games and beating them through the years that I once said I couldn't get into that particular certain gameplay style. Like Strategy RPGs, although still one of the biggest gameplay elements that make me very nervous. >_>
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User Info: Sparx401

5 years ago#32
Can't speak for Other M, but every response I've heard points to Team Ninja raping it and not really holding up to previous Metroids, so...

Actually, a lot of it deals with Sakamoto as he vainly tried to appeal to a Japanese audience even though the majority of Metroid fans are westerners. Ultimately it backfired as western audiences detested it for the most part and Japan still doesn't like Metroid all that much. As far as the gameplay is concerned, Sakamoto chose, IIRC, to keep it more in line with Fusion in a linear fashion rather than focus on exploration. In my opinion, it's a relatively decent action/adventure game, but standing next to other entries in the Metroid franchise, it's woefully lacking.
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User Info: KirbyWithAGun

5 years ago#33
I think the only way icould possibly try to finish metroid other m is if i had nude hacks. lol. I think its that boring. Granted, I did not like the others either since i keep getting lost.
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  3. I just bought Pikmin 1 & 2 for 35$ from a video dealer a week ago.

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