Pikmin 3 Walkthrough (fake of course) by XDdude1234

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User Info: XDdude1234

6 years ago#1
Before I get tons of comments saying how there are already a ton of fake pikmin 3 walkthroughs on this board I just want to say… Here’s how the last few days went.

1: discovered Hinsburg’s old walkthrough and instantly loved it.

2: the XX sin guy’s walkthrough… pretty good

3: thepik’s old walkthroughs… yea sure wutever good job

4: thepik’s new walkthroughs… you’ve really dropped in quality

5: pikminpicker’s walkthrough… no offense but… it’s pretty bad.

6: I’ve had enough of this… I’m making my own!

So yea I’m basically writing my own fake pikmin 3 walkthrough to post on this topic. Yea I’ve stooped to pikminpicker’s level.

Alright that’s all I’m going to say so let’s get this started shall we?

User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#2

I've been going through that same exact process.

But I don't have enough free time to actually do something like this... I've got my own iPhone games that I'd like to finish developing and get on the app store so I can start getting money to cover the $75K that scholarships aren't going to cover for me in college...
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User Info: XDdude1234

6 years ago#3
The story:

Alright, ever since Olimar and Louie paid off the debt the president has been filthy rich and letting other companies rent their cargo ships for a small fortune. So for a couple of years Hocotate companies have been using the cargo ships of Hocotate Freight for a while until OF COURSE something goes wrong.

A trash disposing company far off in the galaxy, rented a Hocotate Freight cargo ship for some trash transportation for a few days as one of their cargo ships is currently broken down.

The pilot happily hauled the trash to the disposing company until something goes wrong and the latch keeping the trash inside the ship becomes loose, and tons of trash is sent hurdling to an unknown planet. The screen goes black.

Olimar is seen sitting in his house when he watches the news to see the ship dropping the loads of trash into the planet’s atmosphere. Though you can’t understand what the reporter on TV is saying you should recognize the scene.

Olimar’s eyes widen and he runs out of the house. He approaches the president.

President: Olimar! I suppose it is all over the news isn’t it? A trash company that used our cargo ship has accidentally dumped a load of Hocotatian trash into the pikmin planet’s atmosphere!”

Olimar’s eyes widen.

“Olimar, I’m afraid the trash holds Hocotatian gases that would be toxic to the pikmin. We must hurry to the planet of the pikmin to make sure all the creatures are safe! Where’s Louie when you need him!?”

A huge crane about to place a crate on top of a pile of crates accidentally knocks the pile over in a loud amount of crashes and fire.

“Oh… there he is…”

The ship blasts off with Olimar and Louie inside. And the ship flies to the pikmin planet.

User Info: OathToOblivion

6 years ago#4
Why is it that all the good ideas get taken???!!!
Are you kidding me? What could possibly go wrong?!

User Info: Shenkomi

6 years ago#5
This adventure is full of lulz.

Please, do go on.

User Info: XDdude1234

6 years ago#6
Day 1: Sunken Forest

You land in a landings spot with some ferns around you and two gates surrounding you. This area is a swamp-like area with a lot of water and also some pretty awesome land action too.

Pod: “The air is indeed tainted with Hocotatian air… it seems to be getting worse but if we collect the trash we can destroy it and restore the pikmin planet to its rightful condition! The pikmin population does seem to have diminished though. Quickly, we must locate some pikmin! Use the control stick to walk around.”

There’s a yellow arrow on the bottom of the screen pointing southwards to a circle shaped area without a gate containing the red onion, six red pikmin, and a lot of pellet posies.

Walk up to the red onion.

Pod: The red pikmin! They seem to be living in a small healthy group, however, their fellow red pikmin are gone… that’s horrible… we must rebuild their population! Collect the pellet posies around you to sprout more pikmin.
You can throw pikmin by pressing A. You must throw pikmin at the pellet posies in order for the pikmin to take it back to their onion.”

Collect all the pellet posies and you’ll have twenty five pikmin… that’s a pretty good army.

Pod: “You’ve collected all the pellet posies in sight. Good job! It’s about time we found a clear spot to learn the controls. Follow the arrow to find a clear area.”

User Info: Sparx401

6 years ago#7
But I don't have enough free time to actually do something like this... I've got my own iPhone games that I'd like to finish developing and get on the app store so I can start getting money to cover the $75K that scholarships aren't going to cover for me in college...

I hear ya man. Anything to avoid taking out a loan; paying it back with interest is a pain. My sister has been out of school for about ten years and she's still paying off her student loan stuff! I'm currently looking into Android and desktop app distribution, and if not, at least scrape the bare minimum from monetization via MochiMedia. :/
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Pikmin 3 idea almost finished. Current Status: 120 pages

User Info: TNintendominate

6 years ago#8
I'm 14, so I take interpret that as "I'm having money problems."

I feel sorry for ya, man. :\
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User Info: XDdude1234

6 years ago#9
Alright so tell me so far how yout think this walkthrough is going to work out. Don't be a jerk, just give me some constrcutive criticism ya know? And luckily I have no life so I do have time to work on this :P

User Info: Shenkomi

6 years ago#10
The walkthrough's been pretty good so far. My only concern is what will happen next? Usually once an army is built up to 20 or 25, the player either carries something back or removes an obstacle. Dunno if it is absolutely necessary to discuss all of the controls in the first day, but rather explain the controls as they are needed.

Keep at it, my friend.
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