My snapshots (not walkthrough) of Pikmin 3

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User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#1
I know at least three other people on these forums are currently writing "walkthroughs" for Pikmin 3. I have a lot of ideas of my own, which I'd like to share, but some of them don't connect with the others particularly well in a coherent fashion, so instead I'd like to present detailed "snapshots" of what I imagine different parts of the game could be like. Some "snapshots" will focus on new bosses, others on new puzzles, new enemies, new plot elements, whatever. As my first snapshot, I'd like to present how I imagine the opening cinema of the game could roll out.


- The Opening Cinema -


The game begins with a comic style similar to that which Pikmin 2 opened with, explaining the events of the previous games.

Captain Olimar works for Hocotate Freight. One day, his ship was struct by an asteroid in space, and he crash landed on an unknown planet. He met and befriended the Pikmin, natives of the planet, who aided him in repairing his ship.

Upon returning to his home planet, he discovered his company had gone deep into debt. It was determined that the best way of repaying the debt would be to go back to the distant, unknown planet, and enlist the Pikmin in helping him find valuable items on the planet, which he could sell to the highest bidder back on Hocotate...

The comic style continues, to signify that this is supposed to be taking place in the past, but is now new details that people familiar with the first Pikmin won't know about.

That bidder, as it turned out, was the renowned linguist and scientist, Professor Melvin. In studying the treasures, the Professor was capable of learning the language of an evidently lost civilization from the distant planet.

Thusly, when equipment in Professor Melvin’s laboratory detected a signal coming from the distant planet, he was capable of interpreting the distress call. The good Professor could not stand by as sentient beings were in trouble! He called Captain Olimar and requested that they meet shortly to discuss the distress signal and the possibility of a trip to distant planet to investigate.

(Continued in the next post.)
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User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#2
The camera fades to black. The comic style has ended, to signify that we're no longer in the past. The camera fades back in, pointing upwards to blue skies. The camera turns downwards to show The Professor and The President standing in front of Hocotate Freight, facing the camera. The Professor, standing on our left of The President, he's an old man, with wispy white hair on his head, thick round glasses, and a thick, pointed goatee, also white, on his chin. He sports a white lab coat, unbuttoned. He has a pen in the breast pocket of his lab coat, and a clipboard peeking out from the inside of his coat. Neither hunched nor with a cane, he may be old, but he is still physically fit and capable of being a playable character in this game.

Our two characters see something in the distance that makes their eyes open a little wider. The camera swings around behind them to show a vast, dusty landscape, and a long road that stretches to the horizon. Far off on the road, a dust cloud is quickly approaching. The two lean in closer to get a better look, shielding their eyes from the sun with their hands, and the camera zooms in to reveal, none other than Captain Olimar, wearing a round red helmet and dark sunglasses as he rides on a large, gleaming red motorcycle that is kicking up the dust cloud.

Olimar swings his vehicle around and brings it to a halt in front of the Professor and the President. He gets off, removes his helmet, and holds it under his arm.

The President: I suppose you treated yourself to that with your pay raise?

Olimar, recognizing that no one expected him to own such a thing, appears to blush, but says nothing.

The President: I want you to understand before you go off with the Professor here, I can’t be paying you to make the trip. This is going to be count as your vacation time, as the trip will not be of fiscal benefit to the company...

The Professor jumps and interrupts The President.

The Professor: You can’t let money influence your decision like that! Someone on the distant planet is in trouble, and we must help them! It could be your beloved Pikmin that you fondly described in your field reports, could you stand by as they are hurt?

The President, who had stopped speaking but otherwise seemed unaware of The Professor's exclamations, resumes speaking.

The President: You won’t be able to use the company assets either, on this trip. This ship serves at the pleasure of me, for the good of the company!

The president hugs the pink ship from Pikmin 2, which was just off to the right of the screen.

The Pod: Yes sir! For the good of the company!

Olimar smiles, and pulls a clicker out of his pocket. The camera swings to the left to reveal the Dolphin, from the original Pikmin. He beeps the Dolphin, which begins the glowing tractor beam thing that lets him and Professor Melvin into the ship.

And so, Captain Olimar and Professor Melvin depart for The Distant Planet to discover the source of the distress signal.


This concludes my first snapshot. I have others, that I intend to post later. For now, thoughts on my envisioning of the Opening Cinema?
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User Info: TNintendominate

6 years ago#3
*perks interest* Go on. :)
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User Info: OoT_Expert

6 years ago#4
This is interesting. I don't know if it's in Olimar's character to have a motorcycle, but it's my opinion and you're writing the story so whatever.
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User Info: XDdude1234

6 years ago#5
I like it. You SHOULD make your own walkthrough if ya feel like though im not sure if u were the 1 that said u dont have time. Luckily i have no life so i do have time :P

User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#6

- The First Day -


The Dolphin comes flying through rolling green meadows of grass. The skys are blue, the sun is shining, and the clouds in the sky appear soft and white. There are numerous patches of colorful flowers. Trees are scattered about, but Olimar keeps clear of them. He brings the Dolphin down for a landing in a round clearing, beside a large pile of dirt, possibly an ant or mole hill.

He gets off the ship, looks around, and is pleased that this adventure is off to an excellent start. Then he hears sickly sounds from behind him, and he turns around.

The Professor: That flight was a bit much. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a turbulent ride. Go on without me. See if you can’t find the Pikmin; I’ll follow later.

There is a passage way straight ahead out of the landing area. The passage runs tangent to the dirt hill, which is to its right. Follow it and you’ll come to a second opening. To the left, there is a red onion. Beneath the red onion is a red pikmin, who is evidently attempting to direct four red pikmin, on the right of the opening, to lift a red ten pellet off the ground to take it to the onion. Though the four red pikmin squat and try to lift it, their efforts are fruitless.

To teach first time players the controls, Olimar’s notes from the first game will appear along the bottom of the screen at appropriate times. So that players already familiar with the series are not annoyed with this section too much, the notes don’t actually pause gameplay, they simply slide up at appropriate times and slide back down as soon as the player appears to have figured out whatever the note was trying to teach.

Whistle the five pikmin to you, direct them to bring three smaller red pellets in the clearing back to the ship (one of which is on a ledge, thus requiring you to throw a pikmin to it.) You should have eleven pikmin at this point, enough to carry the ten pellet they had been trying to pick up at the start. Carry it back and pluck out the new Pikmin.

At this point, the ground begins to shake. The player loses control of the camera, which swings to show the dirt pile, which is beginning to topple into a landslide. The dirt pile runs straight through the pathway that had connected the landing area to the area with the red Pikmin.

(I’ll finish this snapshot later.)
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User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#7
The light on Olimar's head begins flashing to indicate that he's receiving a message. He pulls out a cell phone, and a text message from Melvin the Professor shows up along the bottom of the screen.

The Professor: Did you feel that, Olimar? I've gotten off the ship to explore the damage caused by that crazy ground-shake.

The player should swap over to control Professor Melvin. Walking towards the blockage, they'll find that bomb rocks were conveniently deposited right next to it by the shaking. They should punch the bomb rocks to activate them. Ideally, the player will walk away from the rocks before they explode, but given they're the only hazard on this day, its acceptable if they just stand by the rocks and sustain damage from them exploding.

After the rocks blow up, the dirt will shake off to reveal a bone wall that the Pikmin can knock down. Thus the player swaps back over to Captain Olimar and commands the Pikmin to take it down.

The ground begins to tremble again.

The Professor: It's not safe here; we can't remain on the ground any longer. There's some kind of massive seismic disturbances in the ground.

Thus the day automatically ends. The red pikmin head back for their onion while Olimar and Melvin return to the Dolphin. As the Dolphin takes off, it flies along the trembling surface. A spout of magma shoots into the air where the dirt hill had previously been, and the Dolphin takes off for the safety of orbit above the planet.


So, that's the end of that snapshot. What do people think of it?

The way I envision it, the plot for the game isn't going to involve carrying everything you find back to your ship, because that's been done twice already. The main goal of the game is going to be to find out what's causing the seismic activity (and the distress signal,) and to stop it. Yes, carrying enemy bodies and pellets back to the onion to propagate the pikmin will still be a big part of the game. But only berries and occasional objective items will be carried back to the ship.
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User Info: PokemonRanger45

6 years ago#8
You forgot the part where Melvin and Olimar put on there space suits also no one seems to remember that Olimar said that one off the parts gives the ability to talk and be a smart aleck
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User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#9
PokemonRanger45 posted...
You forgot the part where Melvin and Olimar put on there space suits

These are just snapshots. Though I've posted the two snapshots back to back, it doesn't mean that every detail between the two was included.

also no one seems to remember that Olimar said that one off the parts gives the ability to talk and be a smart aleck

I'm not familiar with whatever part you're referring to.
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User Info: Archer_Yoshi

6 years ago#10
Professor Melvin = Professor Elvin Gadd (E. Gadd)
Both have similar names, wispy white hair, and goggles/glasses.
Did you try that? If you did, you should have Melvin say "I'm getting too old for this" and have his gibberish sound like Gadd's.
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