Level Creator Anyone?

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User Info: IFJ4ever

6 years ago#1
One of my dreams for another Pikmin mode is a "level creator" mode, were you create your own map to explore! You place the enemies, bodies of water, pellet posies, & everything and create your own landscape! I wish...

I thought this would be a wonderful idea. And, if Wii U has online, people could get online and share, play, or download each other's own created levels! Does that sound awesome or what!? ^_^

But again, I wish...

Oh well, does anyone else like this idea?

User Info: Shenkomi

6 years ago#2
It'd probably be too much to bother with an overworld level editor. However, I don't think dungeons would be too hard to make with a level creator (even though they're supposed to be randomized, lol).

It would at least be a way to create a pseudo boss-rush if one isn't made official in the game.

User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#3
While I have made many levels for many games, and have many games I would like to make levels for but cannot because there is no level creator available, this is not one of those games.


I feel like the tools necessary to create the game wouldn't work well on the Wii U... they belong on computers. The over world is too organic... the terrain flows too much, it's not particularly angular... so it doesn't seem like a joystick, or even a touch screen, would be as good as a keyboard and mouse for making it.

IDK... in the past I know I definitely would have said that the feature is worth it...
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