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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

6 years ago#1
RetroYoshi4191 presents...

A herp-a-derp parody of all these damn Pikmin 3 Walkthroughs...


///// The REAL Pikmin 3 Walkthrough /////

-- Table Of Contents --

1.... How It All Starts (Storyline)

2.... Controls (How to frickin' MOVE)

3.... The Walkthrough (How to complete this thing in 36 days)

3.01.... Day 1 - Meet The Red Piks
3.02.... Day 2 - Time To Make Some Progress
3.03.... Day 3 - Another Square Of Sidewalk To Explore
3.04.... Day 4 - Your First Anti-min
3.05.... Day 5 - Get The Hell Outta There!
3.06.... Day 6 - Take A Break
3.07.... Day 7 - Break A Take
3.08.... Day 8 - Coming of the Yellow Pikmin
3.09.... Day 9 - Remember That Area We Neglected?
3.10.... Day 10 - Almost Done... With A Quarter Of The Game
3.11.... Day 11 - Lon Lon Milk
3.12.... Day 12 - 7 Rings In Hand (And 3 Anti-min)
3.13.... Day 13 - He's Thier Bish
3.14.... Day 14 - SOMEONE Fell Into The Bleach Supply
3.15.... Day 15 - You GOTTA be Kidding Me
3.16.... Day 16 - This Is The Part Where It Gets Damn Hard
3.17.... Day 17 - You Might Need To Spend This Day Growing Pikmin
3.18.... Day 18 - I Bet Olimar's Tired Of This By Now
3.19.... Day 19 - 5 Down, 3 To Go
3.20.... Day 20 - Hocotate Noodles
3.21.... Day 21 - I WAS IN THERE FOR 7 YEARS?!
3.22.... Day 22 - I Suggest A Daily Dose Of Drugged Pepsi
3.23.... Day 23 - It Just Never Ends
3.24.... Day 24 - What About The Blue Pikmin?
3.25.... Day 25 - Just Two More Areas To Go
3.26.... Day 26 - Don't Worry, It's Only A 98.17 % Chance Of Death
3.27.... Day 27 - Those Fatasses
3.28.... Day 28 - After The Last Anti-min
3.29.... Day 29 - Finally, We Return Ho- WAIT, WHAT?!
3.30.... Day 30 - The Last Area, For Real (I Swear)
3.31.... Day 31 - I Couldn't Imagine Speedruns Being An Option Here
3.32.... Day 32 - That Blows The Whole Damn Thing Apart
3.33.... Day 33 - This Is It... But First, A Bathroom Break
3.34.... Day 34 - This Game Just Doesn't Give Up At Screwing Us Over
3.35.... Day 35 - One Last Suicide Mission
3.36.... Day 36 - The Final Frontier, For Real (We Hope)

4.... The End

5.... Sidequests, Secrets, And Crap Like That

6.... </herp-a-derp> Conclusion, Thanks, And Maybe A Critique From Sparx :D

So... I shall have the story up in a bit, and I might just fit in the first day or two later.
// Marco // Level 1 //90 SP // 17 Coins // Honey Syrup, Mushroom

User Info: RetroYoshi4191

6 years ago#2
Olimar was one day flyin' around in his spaceship when a series of plotholes occured, the Nyan Cat rammed into his ship, and said, 'Hey, dumbass! I think you should go check Hocotate, it's, like, under attack!" then flew away. Olimar had no idea what the hell just happened, so he went back to Hocotate before something else traumatized him for life, and saw a disaster.

Everywhere these dark, shadowy Pikmin were smacking the s*** out of buildings, the ground, other Hocotatians, even each other. Olimar didn't have a freaking clue, so he used his lens of truth to see a note attacthed high up on a still-standing building, his hookshot to reach it, and his Magic Meter to read it.

It read, "Hey, stupid, you sorta, took the Purple and White Pikmin with you when you were returning to Hocotate, and it caused a chemical reaction that unleashed the Anti-min, 8 herp-a-derp Pikmin from GenoKnight's topic that RetroYoshi4191 and TNintendominate were fooling around in and came up with. Now, they're out to destroy each and every planet (hell knows why or how) and they're starting with Hocotate. Now, to be blunt, your goal is to land on the Distant Planet, collect a number of Shiny Orbs to destroy the Anti-min's onions with, and restore balance and peace and all that."

On the back it read, "While you're reading this, I've used my supercomputer to alert you that in 3 seconds, Louie will transport into one of your cockpits, drinking some Lon Lon Milk and aged curry, and your hookshot, Magic Meter, and Lens Of Truth will fall out of the ship into unknown areas (along with Louie's Lon Lon Milk) during your landing to the Distant Planet. May I warn you that you will later need these four items as survival essentials.

Signed, Steve The Red Pikmin"

Olimar didn't believe the crazyass on that part, so he just jumped into his ship and flew off with Louie, who had actually appeared as the note told. So the story begins."


Didn't believe me on the herp-a-derp part? Well, here ya go. Controls posted later.
// Marco // Level 1 //90 SP // 17 Coins // Honey Syrup, Mushroom

User Info: RetroYoshi4191

6 years ago#3

Controlling Olimar and your own group of Pikmin can be tough. So, here's something to help you out.

Nunchuck --- Use the analog stick on the Nunchuck to move Olimar around, obviously.

D-Pad --- Use the D-Pad to adjust the camera angle. When holding a Pikmin in Olimar's hand, it can be used to swap between color of Pikmin with the left and right directions, and to swap between maturity (Flower, Bud, ect.) of Pikmin with the up and down directions.

A Button --- Use this to toss Pikmin, if you have any. Hold the button down to throw multiple Pikmin rapidly.

B Button --- Olimar's whistle. Use it to call Pikmin to your side. Hold it down for an extended range.

1 Button --- Use it to swap between captains.

2 Button --- The 2 Button is used, once you obtain and destroy the Frickmin, to make herp-a-derp noises that raise the ESBR rating for no good reason.

- Button --- Use the minus button to access the menu. Also used, when the menu is opened, to scroll left between sub-sections of the menu.

+ Button --- The plus button also opens the menu, and it can scroll right between sub-sections.

C Button --- The C Button is used to ready your hookshot, once obtained. If you have a Wii U tablet connected, you can use either the touch screen on it or the analog stick to aim around.

Z Button --- The Z Button does absolutely nothing.


There we go! Later you might see the first day or two.
// Marco // Level 1 //90 SP // 17 Coins // Honey Syrup, Mushroom

User Info: pikminpicker

6 years ago#4
Lol i like it :P

User Info: thundershark21

6 years ago#5
Best walkthough evar
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User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#6
RetroYoshi4191 posted...
2 Button --- The 2 Button is used, once you obtain and destroy the Frickmin, to make herp-a-derp noises that raise the ESBR rating for no good reason.

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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

6 years ago#7
Okay, so here's how it'll be laid down:

Each day, I shall post one day, maybe two if I am feeling like it, of this walkthrough. Each day's title is a comedic reference to what's going to happen on that day. There will be the day number & title, location to be visited, objectives, and then the in-depth walthrough part. We shall start with Day 1, here.


Day 1 --- Meet The Red Piks


Chock-lit Mountains

l-------- Objectives --------l
1 --- Obtain the Red Pikmin
2 --- Collect 2 Above-Ground Shiny Orbs
l-------- End Objectives --------l

---:--- Start Day 1 ---:---

The day will begin as you see a cut scene where the ship will swerve randomly to the right, crashing into a tree and swinging the Cargo Hull open, dropping Louie's Lon Lon Milk, Olimar's Lens Of Truth and his Hookshot. A few miles later, beyond reasonable go-fetching distance, the ship lands.

The captains jump out of the ship, and Louie gives the ship a, "What the hell was that for?!" look. The Ship replies, "Well, the note did imply that I would do so, and there's no arguing with that kind of logic." Olimar gives him a, "I see where you're coming from..." look, and the ship continues by saying, "Looks like we're on Chock-lit Mountains, a volcanic mountain which contains a strange form of lava that explodes when combined with Chocolate, a substance that was mass-contained in a certain section of your treasures." Olimar and Louie traded looks, then gave the ship a, "How do you KNOW this...?" face. The ship finished, "I do my studying."

You start on a high point of the mountain, the highest area of flat terrain, only topped by the cap of the mountain. A familiar-looking landing site figure is on the round area, this will be the landing site location. The whole area is a dirty brown, only paling in shade at the highest peak. A path leads from the site, down the mountain, splitting later into 3 paths. Search down the path.

When you come to the fork, the path will have gotten noticably thicker and then divided into two subsections, about the same width as when the path first began. There is also a bridge on a more leveled section of the down-spiraling path. Take the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge is a small circular platform surrounded by fog, with two paths extending from there to two lower circular platforms slightly smaller than the first. On the main platform is the Red Onion! Walk to it.

The onion will spill five seeds for you to pluck. Pluck them, this is the start of your army. Then walk down to the platform on the left. It has a triangle of Red Pellet Posies with a value of 1, and a bigger red one with a value of 5 in the center. Have the Pikmin carry them to the onion. Your total is now 16. Now go to the other platform, it has a VISHISS Red Bulborb that you can kill and feasties for 8 more, making 24 slaves --- I mean, Reds.

Then, travel back to the paths via the wood planks attatched to strings. There you shall go down the path that leads down, as the other one leads to a cave gaurded by a stupidass rock. Don't you just HATE inanimate objects? Anyway, continue down and you shall spiral until you reach a hollow room in the mountain. Go in.

~Day 1 Continued In Next Post~
// Marco // Level 2 //130 SP // 23 Coins // Honey Syrup, Mushroom

User Info: RetroYoshi4191

6 years ago#8
When you arrive inside, you shall be greeted by walking onto a glacier-like rock floating in a pool of lava that is currently at a low. Inside will be OH MAH GAWD!!! 2 Dwarf Red Bulborbs OH MAH GAWD KILL DEM KILL DEM! Anyway, they are gaurding your first Shiny Orb, so haul 3 of them on each Bulborb and the other 18 onto the Shiny Orb, which costs a minimum of 8 Pikmin. It is a Small Crystal, the least valuable in the game. Each Shiny Orb has a different "value" in power to destroy the Anti-min, like so:

Small, Crystal - 50 Derp Volts
Medium, Crystal - 120 Derp Volts
Large, Crystal - 200 Derp Volts

Small, Ruby - 150 Derp Volts
Medium, Ruby - 300 Derp Volts
Large, Ruby - 500 Derp Volts

Small, Emerald - 230 Derp Volts
Medium, Emerald - 450 Derp Volts
Large, Emerald - 700 Derp Volts

Small, Sapphire - 500 Derp Volts
Medium, Sapphire - 700 Derp Volts
Large, Sapphire - 850 Derp Volts

Rare Orb (Golden) - 3,000 Derp Volts

There are only 5 Rare Orbs in the game, and they can only be collected once (as in, It won't reappear a second time, ever). They are carried by one-time see enemies that appear and disappear, gone forever. For example, A Golden Dweevil would be carrying it on it's back, but when it unleashes it's golden fumes, it insta-kills any Pikmin on it and is gone forever.

Anyway, carry those things back, and you now have a total of 30 Red Pikmin. That is as much as you can get for the day, so now your only job is to collect the next Shiny Orb.

It is simply further down the path you were taking, past the cave you entered and to yet another circular platform (OH-TEH-FRICKIN'-NOES) that ends as far as you can go down there by command of those damn rocks. It is another Small Crystal.

When you return, you will enter a cut scene. The ship says, "I like how our progress is going. However, because I am cheap, and it looks like there's nothing else to do, I command the sun to vanish out of thin air and for us to launch off." And so your day ends. Now, let us tally up our progress!

---:--- End Of Day 1 ---:---

Area Visited: Chock-lit Mountain

Shiny Orbs Collected: 2 (Sml. Crystal x 2)

Total Derp Volts Earned: 100

Total Derp Volts Overall: 100

Area's Progress
Above-Ground Shiny Orbs: 2 / 8


???? --- 0 / ???
???? --- 0 / ???
???? --- 0 / ???
???? --- 0 / ???

New Enemies Discovered

Red Bulborb


Louie's Notes: The Red Bulborb is like a sack of delicate meat, only the culinary artist can master the ways of it. I, however, just grind it up and make a chip dip out of it. :)

Dwarf Red Bulborb


Louie's Notes: Vaguely different from the meat of the Red Bulborb, but I don't really care, as long as it's good chip dip.


Well, that's it for the day. I'll be back for another one tommorow.
// Marco // Level 2 //130 SP // 23 Coins // Honey Syrup, Mushroom
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