Apparently, you can kill all your pikmin on Day 1 of Pikmin ...

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User Info: Enigma149

6 years ago#21
2. Assuming that you do that on day 1, the day still ends when you get the ship part, meaning that you can't also get the Engine on the same day, and that 7 days (that way) wouldn't work, but not for the reason you said.
Wait, does the day end when we get any ship part, or just when we get the Engine?

User Info: TRR03

6 years ago#22
You can get to the area with the positron generator by getting out of bounds using the "lie down" move next to a pellet near the side of the level. Once you make it to the pearly clampclamp, you can throw reds into its mouth from an island in the water to knock the part out. From here, as I said, inch the part to shore using the lie down move and then you can grab it with reds.

Since you don't have the lie down ability on day 1, it is impossible to collect that part on the very first day.

What I have been experimenting with though, which would allow a 7 day completion is the following:

Day 1: impact site, only grab the main engine
Day 2: impact site, grab the positron generator using the way i described above and then grow 100 reds
Day 3: forest of hope, clear this area in one day with 100 reds
Day 4: forest navel, half the parts and grow 90 blues
Day 5: forest navel, complete the area
Day 6: distant spring, clear this area in one day
Day 7: final trial

I have gotten very close to completing day 2 and 3 but just haven't succeeded yet. I can say that 7 day completion is probably possible just very hard.

User Info: SSBMaster11

6 years ago#23
I tried for about an hour, but couldn't manage to do that oob glitch! How do you do it?

Have you done Day 3 (FoH) in one day? If so, you just need to figure out a way to do FN in one day, and you'll have effectively perfected Pikmin 1!...except DS challenge mode...

Could you upload a video of getting Positron Generator with just reds?
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User Info: TRR03

6 years ago#24
For the oob thing, go up either of the two ramps, you should find a pellet there. Place yourself in between the pellet and the outer edge, then lie down and and get back up. You should pop out of bounds.

I haven't done FoH in one day yet but I've come close enough that i know it's possible. Also, it's not as easy as just finding a way to do FN in one day though. I would have to find a way to do FN in one day while growing 90 blues or else i wouldn't be able to do the next day. As far as challenge mode goes, I only have 1 perfect out of the 5 >_>

I'll probably upload a video within the next few days, since it's pretty easy to reproduce.
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