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User Info: Boo Destroyer

Boo Destroyer
6 years ago#1
It seems to me that the only reason people are clamoring this much for Pikmin 3 is because Olimar was playable in Brawl.

I remember very well that before he was announced on the Dojo site, almost nobody even gave a rat's ass about the Pikmin series.

And then when he appeared, oh now it's suddenly up there with the big boys?

Just thought I'd set the record straight.

User Info: thundershark21

6 years ago#2
Apparently you never went to the pikmin 2 board.
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User Info: ArtOfWarfare

6 years ago#3
I was disappointed with Olimar as a character for Brawl. Not that he was included, mind you, but his move set and attacks suck.

I've been awaiting a Pikmin 3 since the Wii was still referred to as the Revolution or whatever its code name was. Brawl has nothing to do with how much I'd like to see a Pikmin 3. If Brawl managed to generate more of a fan base for Pikmin, then I suppose that's a good thing and I don't mind. Sure, they might not be "true" fans, but at least they create incentive for Nintendo to continue the series and keep putting out Pikmin games I'll enjoy.
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User Info: SSBMaster11

6 years ago#4
I've cared a lot about the Pikmin series ever since the first game, back in '01.
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User Info: Shenkomi

6 years ago#5
Nope. Although I didn't quite become a fan of Pikmin until the second game, I really got hooked onto both the games for years to follow.

Not to sound like a hipster or anything, but I was ecstatic when Olimar was announced for Brawl. He's still one of my main characters whenever I play, but just because he was in Brawl doesn't mean that's why I'm excited for Pikmin 3.

User Info: luigiman1154

6 years ago#6
I've been excited for Pikmin 3 ever since Pikmin 1. Actually, that's a lie. Ever since I first beat Pikmin 2 I've been excited for a third game.
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User Info: PokemonRanger45

6 years ago#7
Im sad to say that's true for me I got Pikmin 2 as soon as possible on the Wii after I tried him in Brawl loved it and then I got Pikmin 1 for the Gamecube for some reason
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User Info: OathToOblivion

6 years ago#8
It wasn't Brawl that made me want to get Pikmin; it was Chuggaaconroy.
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User Info: Sparx401

6 years ago#9
I was a Pikmin fan since the game came out in 2001, and was looking forward to Pikmin 3 when Miyamoto announced it for the Wii a long while ago. Having Olimar in Brawl simply sated me for a while. And as far as his character in SSBB is concerned, Olimar has good attacks, set-ups, and pressuring tactics, and an insane grab; it's just that his recovery is downright atrocious and easily gimped.

EDIT: Of course in Brawl- / Brawl+, it's a different story! >_>
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User Info: Archer_Yoshi

6 years ago#10
I've been wanting Pikmin 3 since I beat Pikmin 2. And I think Olimar is a good brawl character; for his up special, I usually use it for the added height it gives on courses with ice ledges.
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