What we can expect from Pikmin 3...

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User Info: OathToOblivion

5 years ago#1
Based on the differences between 1 & 2:

New Gameplay Mechanic! (No idea what it'll be...)
2 New Pikmin types! (with a secret third type that can only be used with the new gameplay mechanic)
2 new sprays!
3 playable Captains! (Because you only had Olimar & Louie/thePrez, not all at once)
New enemies related to some of the old ones! (is it bad that I want a Fiery Groink?)

Any other thoughts?
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User Info: OoT_Expert

5 years ago#2
A Fiery Groink? So it would have all of the abilities a Gatling Groink has, and it'd be on fire as well so only reds, (and bulbmin, but those are only in holes,) could damage it? Well it would definitely be an interesting enemy, but as long as they're rare and have an amazing item that is entirely optional, then that'd be fine in my opinion. Although it would be a real challenge to say the least.
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User Info: marioman1154

5 years ago#3
I don't think 1 sequel is enough to warrant a pattern >_> Still, we can only hope.
3 playable captains seems like a bit much, in my opinion.
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User Info: ian2093

5 years ago#4
If they have the option of three captains they're going to go ahead and have the option of four. I mean having a game just co-op is a little dated, but still manageable, but three, I dunno, I've never heard of a game to do that, and after a quick Google search I couldn't find anything. It's a lot like what they're doing in the new Kirby title, you have Kirby, Meta-Knight, and DeeDeeDee, and then they just threw in Waddle-Dee for the fourth player compatibility.
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