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User Info: Nimkip42

5 years ago#51
<There is!?> I yelped, more surprised than anything-I didn’t even expect her to respond! <You got it. It’s a long story, so I can’t explain it to you right now, but when it REALLY happens, be on your guard!>
As soon as Luigi was beyond earshot, I quickly explained the situation to Mario. “She told you WHAT?! Mamma Mia…is it a sin that I probably know why?” was his reaction. “It’s not one bit a sin. Tell me more, go on…” I responded.
Mario sighed. “Well, a bit of background…Before I was made into the n-side High King, I was always going on adventure after adventure; however, Luigi stayed behind more often than not.” “I’m guessing that this incident is the exception to that?” “One of quite a few-but he came along later. You see, once I was taken into an in-between dimension in order to plug a giant space-time hole called The Void.” “What would happen if you weren’t successful?”
“Everyone would be dead-and you’re no exception.” “Ouch…but, as you were saying?” “Our enemy at the time, who was referred to as Count Bleck, had a fellow known as Mr. L on his team. A while after defeating him the 2nd time, not to mention being sent to the Underwhere—“ “Say what?!” “Believe it or not, my game was over for a while, if you get my drift…” “Was it L who did the deed?” “Nope-it was another of Bleck’s minions-Dimentio. As I was saying, after I got sent to the Underwhere, I found that Luigi was there as well.” “That’s good, but what does this have to do with anything?” “Everything; after I defeated Count Bleck, Dimentio-“ “Your killer.” “-revealed that *he* was going to make his own world-but we-that being me, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser-had to be eliminated. Obviously, we’re all still here. But there’s one thing about Luigi that I learned because of Dimentio.” “What is that?”
“Luigi was once Mr. L.”
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User Info: Nimkip42

5 years ago#52
“Are you kidding me?!” I yelped. “Nope. Apparently, Luigi was brainwashed into believing he was L.” I pondered this for a moment. “So…my theory is that the repressed ‘Mr. L’ instinct has re-awakened, thusly explaining Luigi’s actions,” I reasoned. “You got it,” said Mario with a sad smile. “And there have been smaller L-instinct incidents over the past few months. I don’t think that an L attitude would be good for a King, don’t you?” I shook my head no-if this kept up, there were GOING to be problems.
“Same here-but the thing is, I don’t know how to repress the instinct-and neither does anyone else here. *sigh* Maybe I should just go into hiding…” This shocked me to the core. “What will that solve?!” I exclaimed, more than a bit upset. “No, no, I’m not trying to avoid Luigi!” he chuckled. “You see, I’m a lot more famous than Luigi-one could say that he’s ‘in his brother’s shadow.’ I’ve noticed that whenever people pay more attention to *me* than *him,* he starts acting a bit L-ish. So going away might divert more attention to him.”
“I wouldn’t think so…” That was NOT me.
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User Info: Nimkip42

5 years ago#53
Both Mario and I whipped our heads around to see Luigi standing there; he looked as if we’d kidnapped Daisy. “What’s that you said?” whispered Luigi in that same subzero voice. “Did you say that I was ‘hellish’…or ‘L-ish’? Mario seemed more annoyed than upset. “I said ‘L-ish.’” “However,” I added in, “I get the feeling that when you take on the characteristics of L, you can seem quite hellish.”
Luigi quivered with anger and rage-but was it directed to me, Mario, or both of us? I decided to avoid the question for the time being. Instead, I slipped through Luigi’s legs (I’m quite short even when they’re shrunk!)and, out of impulse, grabbed his hat. Then I ran as fast as my legs would take me throughout the castle.
I was stopped by a young-adult female human grabbing my spacesuit antenna. She was wearing a bright yellow-orange dress and had reddish hair. “Excuse ME, madam, but I must advance quickly!” I said shortly. She frowned. “Would you *mind* telling me *why* you’re carrying my boyfriend’s hat?”
At first I was very confused. Then I inferred a few things. “Are you Daisy?” I asked politely. “That I am. But back to MY question?...” I quickly told her about what was going on with Luigi—and she knew what I was talking about, fortunately. “Cripes. Luigi’s gone through some L-stages himself, but this is major!”
“So…what should I do with the hat?” I inquired. “Give it to me,” she said. “He’ll never suspect it-just let me do it!” She took it and ran off. But I was still so concerned about this-there were reputations, democracies, LIVES on the line! <This…this cannot be done alone…> I thought, almost despairingly.
<Emmiline, Emmiline…I beseech ye…we as mortals who cannot comprehend so many things… We cannot do this alone…for the sake of so many, Emmiline…Please, heed my call…we cannot…> I mentally begged her-almost like a prayer. I waited for her response in silence…
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User Info: Polimario

5 years ago#54
Looks good so far...but...wait a second...Void...Super Paper Mario aspects...Pikmin...Emmiline...

I'm getting a vibe you're also referencing a certain...famous Lp'er.
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User Info: Nimkip42

5 years ago#55
Suddenly, there was a horrendous rapping on my space helmet! I quickly turned around, expecting to see some trouble. Instead, I saw Emmi.
However, although she was the same girl, she had different clothing-a colorful, billowy shirt, loose pants that were bright blue, and brown utility boots. Her hair was ruffled, but it wasn’t the bed-head that I often had seen. There was also a pin in it in the shape of a star, with a blue moon inside of it.
She grinned. “You called? I answered. Now where’s Luigi?” I laughed-despite the somewhat new knowledge that she was a goddess, I viewed her in the same way-upbeat, snappy, and always ready to go!
“I honestly don’t know where he is—but tell me, what’s your plan of action?” I responded. “Y’see,” started Emmi, “I got the Bros. in here in about the same way that you did-with a lot of adventure and a crapload of strange stuff happening. However, Darkness just *had* to get involved. And apparently, she likes people with names that start with L.” “So she’s the one…” “Yeah. Now, let me get *this* straight, Mr. L by himself isn’t a bad guy-he’s actually more ‘heroic.’ But a corrupt L means bad, bad things.”
“So what are you going to do, exactly?” I inquired. “De-corrupt him. Same thing that I did to your wife…” “Ah. Will he be alright?” “A little panicky, and he might cry some…but is that much different?”
“HEY!” Apparently, Luigi was here-here and P.O.ed by Emmi’s comment. I sprang into action, practically bouncing off the wall onto Luigi for a full-on tackle. He wound up flat on the ground. “Give me back my hat!!” he screeched. (He was still missing his hat. One-track mind, I suppose.)
Smoothly, Emmi brushed me off and scooped up Luigi, who was writhing in her grip. She then started to whisper some words; I was unable to tell what they were at first, but they sounded as beautiful as a song. Then I heard this:
“Aairei, tolliri, mahi chira emray secro narri-torr, mihaneeri, dari-shiri, ekqua meddu-rahhna meyhen toor.”
Suddenly, Luigi stopped struggling…and a black-no, a darker than black cloud billowed out of him…
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User Info: Nimkip42

5 years ago#56
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mario, Daisy, and a woman in a pink dress. (I inferred that she was Peach.) They all seemed deathly afraid of the cloud. Emmi, on the other hand, was clutching Luigi-a very limp, unconscious Luigi. Yet her fists were clutched, her face intense, and her eyes burning with her interior flame. She mouthed the words “payback time.” She laid Luigi aside. I wondered why…
…that is, until a jolt shook the room. “Get out, Captain!” yelled Mario. “There’s gonna be a fight, and the forces are too great for any mortal to handle!” “And don’t forget, Captain!” added Peach, “You’ve still got a family back home! You can’t afford to die!” Just then, another jolt hit-only this was a shockwave! It knocked me into a suit of armor in the hall where the others were.
Daisy helped me up. “There you go, good as new-except not the armor, but nevermind that.” Suddenly, there was a deep, demonic, maniacal laugh from the other room. It sounded like all of Damnation had gathered into it! Like children looking in on a parent’s argument, we all put our heads around the corner. Inside the room, I saw that the cloud had dissipated-but what it left behind was worse.
At first glance, she was like Emmi’s silhouette-a silhouette with eyes torched out, for hellfire was evident inside its eyes. But then I realized that the shadow that made it up was flowing-almost like tails had been cut from it and a strong breeze was blowing. I realized that this was none other than Darkness herself.
Darkness was in that room. If for some demented reason I wanted to go out and touch her, I could. I shuddered at the thought. Suddenly, there was a heated debate in their room. “…A ROYAL, Darkness. A ROYAL, OF ALL PEOPLE. How desperate can you get, dude?” Then, the demonic voice. “Desperate? Me? How can I, the truly superior half, be desperate? THAT, Emmiline, was pure GENIOUS! I have the wit of a comedian…” “And the temper of a jackass, don’t you know. *sigh* I just don’t get you.”
As Darkness raged on about Emmi’s comment, (which was absolutely true, by the way!) I was twitching with pent-up energy and anger. Suddenly, in an unrestrained burst, I leapt, nay, _flew_ toward Darkness!
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...

User Info: Nimkip42

5 years ago#57
I was in mid-air, and leaping toward Darkness. I expected to make contact with her. Instead, I passed right through her.
“Well, who is this?” cackled Darkness. “Some runt wants to tear me apart, huh? Well, TOO BAD! Mortals cannot touch me!” “Well, I guess I just learned that by myself,” I replied. Then Emmi slid in. “Darkness, this time you’re just being rude for fun. Don’t thumb your nose at him.” Darkness looked around. “Is there a fly buzzing around in here?”
THAT is what took Emmi over the edge. “Fine then! If you won’t listen to *me,* then listen to *THIS!*” She heaved a giant energy ball toward Darkness. I quickly moved away from the fight and moved toward Luigi; he had been set aside after Darkness appeared. I shook him gently. “Luigi! Are you still alive? Are you alive? Wake up, wake UP!” Luigi groggily opened his eyes to see me.
“C-…c…C-Captain…o-Olimar…you’re…you’re here? Are-are our games over?” I smiled. “Not yet, but we have quite a problem here…” There was a terrific crash, and Luigi turned to see. He sighed. “This is the second time that I’ve seen Emmi against Darkness. I’ve never seen them in our throne room, though.”
“Throne…room? I’m in the throne room?” I inquired waveringly. “Yes, the throne room.” Suddenly, there was a huge jolt, and the whole room seemed brighter. Then, there was a terrible screech…
“I’ll defeat you, Emmiline, just one of these days!”
“Oh, no you won’t!” yelled back Emmi. Then she turned to Luigi and I. “Ah, she’ll never learn, hu-uuuungh!” At first, I thought that something was wrong, that Luigi was attacking! However, after a second I realized that it was just an over-aggressive hug-‘glomping,’ as several younger ones call it.
The rest of the n-side rushed in-and Daisy was included, with her placing Luigi’s hat back upon his head! “Well, at least that’s over with for now!” chuckled Emmi.
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User Info: Nimkip42

5 years ago#58
After Luigi was done with everything (including having something to eat!), we had to take him for a medical exam. He checked out normal on everything-however, since then I had *no* idea whatsoever how the human body worked, I was shocked at the Blood Oxygen meter and what it read.
“There’s THAT MUCH oxygen in you?!” I yelled, shocked. “Whoa, whoa, calm down, Captain! *ahem* Allow me to explain. Humans…” She told me about how humans NEEDED oxygen-it was vital for human life! “I don’t know why that’s so shocking…” muttered Mario. Emmi quickly explained the fact that oxygen was deadly to my species. They quickly realized their mistake!
While Emmi was explaining to the others, I decided to talk to Luigi. “Luigi, I have a question for you.” “Shoot!” “Under normal circumstances, e.g. unpossesed and able to think rationally, would you ever think of-even *think* about- injuring your brother?” Luigi pondered this for a few moments.
“Assuming that my brother is also ‘under normal circumstances,’ I wouldn’t try to hurt him. (However, you know that I’m kinda clumsy…I might step on his foot by accident!) However, if he’d gone bonkers, I’d hurt him if I had to. *Really* had to.”
“That…is a quite satisfactory answer, Luigi.” “Hey-I’m a King now! And part of being a King is answering questions for the public!” I smiled. “True. But hopefully, you answer them truthfully…” “Hahahaha! No, I’m not your classical politician. I’d never lie unless it involves a surprise party!” “Sounds like a plan, Luigi. Sounds like quite the plan…*sigh*…” I looked off into space. “Luigi…you cannot comprehend how lucky you are…”
“What do you mean by that? Are you talking about the fact that Darkness got out?” “Well, that’s certainly an article in the book…but it’s something else that I’m thinking about…” “Tell me, Olimar!” I sighed once more.
“You actually know where your brother is…”
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...

User Info: Nimkip42

5 years ago#59
Luigi looked somewhat frightened. “What do you mean by ‘I know where my brother is?’ I mean, I do, but why is it so important?”
I sighed, very quietly. “I remember from my childhood days that there was always my brother around. He was about a year older than me, but he was always concerned for me. I remember once, I decided to run away after a conflict between us. A few days later, he sent me a message via the younger child I’d ran into-who turned out to be my current good friend Louie, by the way. Oh, back on track…At first Louie thought it was written in red ink, but I figured out that it was written in blood.”
“Blood!” yelped Luigi. “He wrote in his own blood!? That’s *serious!*”
“Very. In the note, he said that if he didn’t see me again, he’d rather die. And he was very, very close to following through. While I was wandering through the woods between my and Louie’s backyards, I saw a raised platform with a trapdoor cut out, which reminded me of an unfinished gallows. Suddenly, there was a rustling in the bushes, and I quickly hid. I recognized the person coming through as my brother. He carried some plywood, nails, tools, and a piece of rope. That clinched it. He was serious.”
“Are you sure that he wasn’t just-“
“Screwing with my mind? I was sure. There were tears streaming down his face. I knew that he had to be stopped. Otherwise, I have no idea what Mom would do…one child missing, and the other dead by his own hand…He finished the project and pledged aloud to hang himself that night. However, Louie and I devised a plan. Louie, who was resourceful from a young age, made an anesthetic and shaped a blowgun and darts. The anesthetic, which was fast-acting but not dangerous, was applied to the darts.”
“D-did he follow through?”
“He _almost_ did, but the moment before he pulled the lever, Louie got a shot in and my brother passed out instantly. When he came to in an underground shelter that Louie and I dug, I was in the kitchen, Louie was with my brother. Not a wise choice. He immediately started to throttle Louie in confusion and rage. ‘Where’s my brother?!’ he screeched. ‘Unless my brother’s here, I have no reason what-so-ever to live!’ I heard a ruckus, and rushed in, asking what the problem was. It was quite obvious. ‘What are you doing?’ I inquired of him. ‘Do not punish him! What did he do to you?’ He turned to me, set Louie on the bed, ran over to me, and hugged me. (What? We were only 11 back then!)”
“Wow,” whispered Luigi. “And you don’t remember where he is?”
“I don’t even remember his name,” I confessed. “He disappeared after college.”
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...

User Info: SwiftOnyx

5 years ago#60
I'm reading it...
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